Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why all the focus on negativity? Seriously WHY!

I am posting my first official rant...and it's not even writing related.

Why the hell does the media focus 95% of its attention on bad stuff? Really, I want to know! It makes me sooo icky inside when I see all this crap on not only the front page of the newspaper but about the entire first section and then some. It's no wonder I skip to the horoscopes and comics.

I just don't get why they think or why so many people read, all this negative stuff. Today it was about how high the unemployment rate is and how the FBI was involved in getting some accused murder of the roof of an abandoned building and everything in between. Bad news everywhere you look. Sad.

I've heard from many people in the recent past that have said they think the media could help boost the economy by simply stopping the downers for a day and show what's right. There are places that are hiring, there are businesses that are succeeding. I mean come on - there are people getting married and babies being born every freaking second and we stuff that in the next to last section of the paper?

Show me the signs of life. The good stuff. Why must we feed into the negativity? Shouldn't we focus our attention elsewhere? Aren't we just adding to the big ugly pool of ickyness in the world?

I can't speak for everyone else but most of this news does little to change my life. Sure, there are things we need to know about but most of it- not so much. If we never knew a killer was on the loose why do we need the front page devoted to catching the scumbag? Talk about the guys that caught him but not him!

I'll wrap this up so I can get back to my day full of kittens and rainbows. I don't even watch the news on TV and like I said I skip through the ick in the newspaper. I commend the homepages I see everyday like yahoo and aol who post whats necessary (ick is mixed in time to time) and for showing things like cities that are booming and cool stuff like fish with clear heads and how to find your perfect man (ok that last one isn't so cool to me but someone out there is all over that).

What do you think? Is there too much bad news being reported? Do you follow the news? Thoughts?

Rant complete. Back to regular blogging full of joy and sparkle.


JennM said...

LOL - A good rant can make you feel like the weight of the world had been lifted off of you - if only temporarily :-)

Lady Glamis said...

Yes, I get annoyed with the bad news. I don't watch the news stations, or tv at all, really. I like to live in my happy bubble and make up the bad news in my books. LOL.

But it is good that we are informed, at least. I can't imagine living in a world where we didn't know what was going on - or where we were being fed sugar-coated crap so we remained oblivious to the reality of our world around us. :)

beth said...

Hear, hear!

Sara Tribble said...

lol I like this! I agree it def. makes your day a little sadder but they do it so people can focus on others problems, rather than their own. Like oh I have a crappy job, oh look here all these people don't looks like I am on top! People like distractions and media is exactly that! Nice rant!