Wednesday, March 4, 2009


The definition of serendipity - the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for

The reason I posted this definition was to remind everyone of this fabulous word. Serendipity. Isn't just fun to say? I happen to think the meaning of the word is pretty darn fun as well. Who doesn't love to find something good in an unexpected way. Like when you're looking for a receipt in your coat pocket and find a ten dollar bill? Love that. I might also note the film by this name is cute.

Now, on to why I'm posting this on a writer's blog. I have been able to chase my newly found dream of writing a novel because of this word.

Let me explain.

Never, ever, ever before this past summer did I have even the slightest desire to become a writer. Sure, I liked my English courses and I am a HUGE reader but I didn't have any desire to write. The funny thing is my Mom has told me many times over the course of my life that I should write. She'd say that after reading an email or card I wrote or even after hearing me go bananas over some fantasy book I stayed up all night to read. She'd say "you should write a book, you have such a way with words and with that imagination of yours..." I'd scoff at her remarks and tell her I had zero interest in writing, let alone a whole novel. I'd cringe at the idea of putting together ideas in that way. I could not understand how someone could even attempt such a feat.

Pretty sure anyone reading this knows I went on to eat my words being I recently finished a 92,000 word novel. I have the follow up started and about five more book concepts brewing in my ideas folder. Yet again I stand corrected. Mama really does know best.

Back to the story.

I went on through life still wanting nothing to do with writing. I was happy as a clam to pursue my love of Visual Merchandising as my chosen profession and paint in my spare time. That was until I got pregnant, moved home to be closer to family, stopped working to stay with said baby and started reading like a mad woman again. In the middle of all that I did an online job helping a family website create content (an awesome job by the way) by creating a profile, pics, journals etc. I took the journaling part pretty seriously and found that I loved it. That project ended and so I found a new one - a blogger. It seemed the best job in the world at the time. I was writing about interesting and fun things, I worked from home whenever I wanted to and I made great money. I even bought myself a laptop!

Let's just say that didn't work out due to promises being made that were not upheld. Sad. It wasn't a business scam or anything just a person saying one thing and doing another. Not wanting to deal with that I politely excused myself from that position. There I was with my shiny new green laptop and no job. Which yes, I did have buyers remorse for, I mean here I was quitting a job after putting this pricy computer on a credit card! For what?

Oh I'll tell you for what....writing a novel! It was a very short time after all this happened that I found myself completely and fantastically obsessed with writing. It was honestly like one of those moments when the clouds part and a brilliant beam of light shines down on you. I read a book, which shall remain nameless, that was so fun and so captivating in spite of some faults made me realize my dream.

I HAD to write.

And write I did, on my shiny green laptop. I wrote and wrote like some crazed woman for days and days and after about three months I finished a 103,000 word young adult fantasy. Then I went back and rewrote several more times until I ended up with 92,000 words. I "cut the fat" as they say.

So that is why I chose to write about serendipity today. After all that's what happened for me. It was the right time, the right place and the right shiny green laptop.

On a side note...last night I was reading a book while feeling slightly concerned about my own work (mainly my finished novel entitled SAGE) when I had a little more serendipity come my way. One of the very minor character's names was Sage. Not exactly a common name. I smiled and took it for what it was, a friendly reminder that all is as it should be.

Thank you shiny green lap top!
(Don't worry one of these days I'll be giving credit to the actual people that helped me on this journey)

This isn't the first time a big unexpeted slap in the face came my way. When I moved out to LA the engine in my car blew up on the way to a job interview. This happened on the freeway when I was going about 70 miles an hour. Yikes! I missed the interview and they filled the position. Wait not so bad - I got an interview with a different company and got the job. I met some of the best people and moved to five different cities with them, one of which was Orlando, where I met my husband, who then became the father of my incredible baby, who caused me to stay get the picture.

Keep your eyes open, you never know when serendipity might come your way. It aint always pretty in the beginning but stick with it!

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JennM said...

What a fabulous way of looking at things. Everything happens for a reason, no matter how incomprehensible it is at the moment.

;-) I will remind you of this when the time is right.