Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Shack

I've heard quite a bit about The Shack, how its some sort of crazy miracle that went from a gift for friends to family to a full fledged top selling published book. I also heard it was a religious story and though I am spiritual it seemed like it might be a little too intense (in the wrong way) there for me.

*I must note that I never planned to discuss politics or religion on this blog but this is a very special circumstance. (Ohh that made me think of Tally - anyone else get that reference to a certain awesome YA series? )

Back to the book...My mother ordered it and offered it to me to read knowing I'm a book junkie. I was apprehensive even after reading the back since it was out of my safe little teen fiction world I've come to love and adore the past couple years. I have to push myself to read much outside my genre of choice now! (funny how that I didnt even read as much YA when I was a YA!) But I did feel drawn to find out how this little story became such a success.

Loved it. Loved all of it. I cried, I cringed, I laughed, I pondered, I cried again and I even had to read parts out loud because they were just that deep. The imagery was incredible and the story was great. Yes, there was a major message in there but it was done in a way I never expected. I'll say it again - loved it.

It might be hard to get through in parts if you aren't all that religious but there is so much there to appreciate. If you believe in God in any form then I highly suggest reading this book. Heck, even if you don't you should check it out because they way God is presented just blew my mind! I can see why this book became a hit. Its dark and disturbing then light and profound all at once.

Loved it. What more can I say?

Has anyone else read this? Thoughts - good or bad?

I of course expect there are others out there that would say quite the opposite of my view on this book. The funny thing is when you take something like Twilight, people aren't afraid to speak up as a fan. I am proud to flaunt my love of that series but I stalled before writing about this book and for one reason only...because of the religious side. Then I thought about it and because I feel it is such a brilliant book and has an interesting story I should write about it on there. I'm a writer and this my blog about that aspect of my life so when I read a good book it shouldn't matter what its about. Good books are meant to be shared, whether or not you want to read it, well that's up to you isn't it?


Anonymous said...

hmm...I find religion interesting I just might have to check this book out. Have you ever seen Religulous-the documentary by Bill Maher? It is super good and explores all the crazy ideas of religion made a big stir. And your right if you wanna praise a good book then do it! Anyone can bad mouth a book or anything for that matter!

Lady Glamis said...

I have not heard of this book. I will have to check it out. Dark and light at the same time. Sounds good. :)

Chris said...

Since you really enjoyed the book, you will probably also be amazed to hear an interview with the author. Take a look at this item on my blog which links to a great interview on the Drew Marshall Show from Canada. Paul Young is so open and relaxed despite some horrendous difficulties in childhood.

By the way, I think 'The Shack' is the most amazing book. I've read it several times and just love it!