Monday, March 23, 2009

Website coming soon

My awesome sister is helping me get a website up and running - so excited! I will of course post all the info when its ready so you can check it out. In the meantime, does anyone have any suggestions on what you like to see on sites? Or maybe even what you don't like to see.

Right now we have the standard stuff...

SAGE (finished novel I'm currently working on finding representation for)
Contact me

Within the SAGE section there will be a play list, an excerpt, character info and whatever else we dream up in the meantime. Any ideas on what you'd like to see here?

I can't promise any suggestions will or will not be used but I'd sure like to see what people think before we make this public.


Sara Tribble said...

aww! I am so jealous right now, I want to make my book a website but I am clueless on how to do it not so much with the ideas part though lol! I know a lot of sites have FAQ's such as Why did you write the book? What do you recommend for fellow writers? I know if I ever do make a site I am adding a Fun Facts Section and just list totally random things about me and my life. I think its interesting to know and actually hear it from the writers themselves so you should do that too--maybe if you want lol no pressure! I cannot wait to see it! Also you should def. incorporate the SAGE leaves, that would be awesome! I haven't finished reading yet due to blog rounds but I am getting there :)

crystal corona said...

I am printing off Sage today.. I am sick of being a horrible horrible no good friend. If I cant read it this week.. then I will at least have time on my 10 hour flight back to the states!!! WAHOO! LOVE the ideas for the site and cant wait to see it up and running!!!