Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kidliterati Goes Live!

It's been almost a year since I joined a group of fellow middle grade writers. And I love them. Seriously. They rock. One quick email with a call for help and within minutes I have a dozen responses.  Doesn't matter if it's a HELP! I need someone to read my pages or HELP! I don't know what this agent's email means or HELP! I'm having a rough writing day and just need to vent, they are always there. I am so ridiculously blessed to have landed in this group. *A big shout out to Ella Schwartz for reaching out on Twitter with the invite and Karen Hallam for organizing MGBetareader and welcoming me in*

Today is a very special day for this amazing this bunch. Today we launch, Kidliterati, a group blog that gets to the heart of MG and YA books. You guys, it is awesome. Just look at the banner!

And we owe so much of what you see to Melanie Conklin. She's a rock star. Melanie has worked her tail off, getting the blog designed and set up, organizing the first wave of posts, and just keeping us all in line. Also, she made reference to The NeverEnding Story in her notes on my pages yesterday. I can't even...

GO Melanie!
In fact, the whole team is made of rock stars. Just check out the Meet the Writers page. We come from different places, write different types of stories, and have different backgrounds but share one passion: KIDLIT. We write it, read it, and live it. This blog is the perfect way to share that with world. You'll see reviews on YA and MG books, thoughts from readers (including kids!) with the Kidliterati Ten, and tips and thoughts about writing with the Secrets of Kidlit posts. 

Do you see why I'm so psyched?

Go take a look around (come back often!) and enter the big ol' celebratory launch contest. There's something for everyone--ARCs, books, critiques. Come celebrate with us and be sure to follow @TheKidliterati on Twitter for updates and new posts.

Happy Reading!