Friday, February 27, 2009

Hope I don't get in trouble for this

I hate to admit it, but over the last ten years or perhaps longer, I've been a book snob. I only liked to buy books, not borrow them from friends or even the library. How silly is that? I mean we're talking books I'd never read before, books I had no idea if I'd even like. Still I was game to throw down any amount of money to have a copy of my own (sometimes poorly written or a very bad plot) book. I know I have a love for books but come on!

The interesting thing is I took a trip to the library today. Which I must add is ironic since that is where I held my very first part time job in high school, putting the returned books away and checking to see the shelves we in order. We're talking very difficult stuff here people. Ohhh and another little ironic tidbit is that I still have a book I took out...wait for it....eleven years ago! Yes, I'm officially a felon as I still possess some softcover book about King Tut's toom, or maybe not since I really haven't set on eyes on it in years. I hope I'm not going to be hunted and tried for confessing here! Anyway...the library, yes. I suddenly overcame my arrogance and decided to "borrow" some books since I'm really trying to broaden my YA horizons and read more then fantasy.

More later on the books I took out and how I can already tell I'll have trouble getting into two of them. I can usually tell if I'll like a book in the first three pages. Anyone else feel that way?

The start of something good...

As I realized how much I would love to find more information on what other aspiring writers go through as they attempt to get their work published. Duh! I thought why don't I create the very thing I want to read? At first I thought I might be getting a little ahead of myself but then again we all have to start somewhere. While I may not be published or even certain my work is ready for that I hope my "random ramblings" will help someone out there know they aren't alone in some of the frustrations and challenges in chasing this beautiful dream. time like the present to start sharing my experience in the early stages.

More later!