Friday, March 20, 2009

Twilight comes home

I know there are as many non-fans as there are fans of Twilight but I confess, I am a big fan.
I say it with pride...I love Twilight! (and Edward Cullen) Yes I am officially a thirteen-year-old again.

So tonight is the night the dvd is released. My sister and I are heading out to pick my copy up at midnight at a local store for so we can watch it with a group of other women tomorrow night. For those of you that are not fans you are probably thinking how silly this seems and if you are a fan well, then you get it out without further explanation.

I feel the need to say that the books (which also have their faults) are much better than the movie. And even if you don't like either of them that's cool, we all have our opinions. But one thing you can argue with is the huge success the series has had the past couple years and it looks to only get bigger with more movies on the way. As a writer I see where some of the criticism comes from in the books and movie but clearly there is something done very right or millions of people wouldn't be obsessed with them.

But enough of my rants on what is and what isn't good about them. I love them for the way they suck you in and for the very fact that I lost a week of my life reading them. Seriously, it was amazing my child got fed! Kidding about that. I can only wish to write something powerful enough to keep a mother up all night when she knows she has to get up at 6 am to a screaming baby!

And so it's with much enthusiasm that I share my joy over finally getting a hold of that dvd tonight. Most of my excitement for watching the movie again is looking at Rob Pattinson as Edward! Ohhh so worth the cheesy scenes to see him. *swoon* Even when he looks like he smelled a pile of #!@* in biology class he looks good.


JennM said...

YAY!! Can't wait to see it. I am mostly looking forward to the behind the scenes stuff, "the making of", and the extras.

Of course Rob's Edward is just something I will have to endure. Yeah right, I'm not looking forward to that at all. :-) wink, wink

Emily Cross said...

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