Sunday, March 8, 2009

This blows my mind

I saw this image a couple weeks ago on my aol homepage and it stuck with me. I thought it was something fun to share since it seems like something straight out of a sci fi novel. If a fish can have a clear head what else is possible? I'm thinking this could be some good stuff for one of my next books.

Hmmmm...if you HAD to have one part of your body be see through, which would it be? I think I'd have to go with something that goes under your clothes since I'd want to stare it at all the time!


Sara T. said...

Something on my body see through? I think I would go stomach-it would be cool when your pregnant too see your baby grow inside you!

Rebecca said...

Love that idea Sara!! I cannot believe I didn't think of that myself since I have a toddler. It would at first seem icky but with a baby growing there it would be beautiful.

Just think of this...if we all had clear skin, what would our idea of beauty be like then? You know the saying of how we're all the same on the inside...imagine what that would do to change us?

Pretty deep thoughts from a photo of a fish huh? I don't know but when I see "impossible" things like this in nature it makes me believe anything is possible. And I like that!

crystal corona said...

Is that real.. I know that might be a silly question.. But things in the ocean are crazy. There are all kinds of see through things and things that glow... so Its not that unrealistic.. but it just seems crazy! I think that seeing a baby grow would be cool too. Other then that.. I am totally grossed out by veins and blood. Maybe if we were all see through I wouldn't have this fear. Since I do I cannot think of any part that I would want to be seen like that! Maybe.. my I see that too often.. My pinky toe!