Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Where have I been?

I was pretty busy this weekend but still - what the heck happened to me with my goal of posting at least once a day? Not doing so hot with that!

I realized I was kind of laying low while waiting to hear back on the partial request I had last week. Silly I know but at least I realized what my issue was. That's always brings me comfort when I find myself acting "off."

What better thing to post? And so here I am even if I'm not really sharing anything useful! Maybe the fact that I'm neglecting things is helpful since I'm sure everyone finds themselves here in one way or another. The strange thing is that I'm not avoiding something I don't like doing. I love writing and I've really enjoyed starting this blog and have not had one ounce of trouble posting since I got that darn request. At first I thought I was afraid of blabbering about that or maybe even jinxing myself. But then I wasn't writing about anything. I would start and save for later, then start something else and save that. You get the idea.

And so I'm working on finding a way to keep myself grounded and not get all off track again. I was giving myself the freedom to slack off and obsess but really what good is that? If this agent likes my work and wants to sign me then what? I'll slack off again waiting to hear back from her on finding a publisher that likes it too? And then if its published I'll be in agony waiting to see if its successful. OH NO that doesn't sound like a good plan at all.

My new goal is to handle each phase in the same way and keep up with the life I was living before I started this process. While I've done a good job of not checking my email every second watching for the response on the request I've just been acting funky and that needs to stop. Fast. You hear advice about not living our life for the next big thing to come, not thinking the grass is always greener on the other side and living the "if only..." I was careful to avoid that so I was pretty surprised to see myself acting this way. Half the battle is seeing what you're doing wrong.

What am I doing sitting here writing this? There's a beautiful sunny day waiting for Nate and I (when he gets up from his nap) and dinner to make and birthday presents to wrap and American Idol to watch, not to mention stories to be written! All of which gives me an idea for a post later...

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Sara Tribble said...

I know I was wondering why you haven't posted anything in a few days? lol-it is a gorgeous day out for sure! Have fun and enjoy it-you can always get on the cp at night!