Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy faces in little boxes

I have to confess to getting a little excited when I get comments on my posts. It's fun and helps me know I'm writing about things that interest people. So thank you for taking the time to comment!

If you're not a follower I would cordially like to invite you to do so. I like seeing those little faces in the boxes to the right of the screen! If you're already a follower - thank you for that too. It's awesome to know you're out there. I'm all about connecting with fellow writers and just interesting people out there so I've been so excited to start following some of the awesome blogs out there.

One last thing...I'm so interested how you found me if it wasn't due to me becoming a follower of your blog. If you get a chance I would love to hear from you.

Time to finish watching American Idol then get some reading done.


Lisa and Laura said...

I am such a comment whore! Aren't they the best? Before I had a blog of my very own I was always a lurker, but now I always try to comment because I know how much I like hearing from our readers.

Anyways, great blog! So glad we discovered each other. Anyone that can appreciate the need for candy and locked bathroom doors in order to have an important phone convo with 2 kids on hand is pretty much an insta-friend as far as I'm concerned!

Lady Glamis said...

I started following you because you followed me I think? And that's how I knew about you? Oh, I don't remember. But I'm glad we found each other! Your blog is great. Can't wait to hear back about your partial. I sure hope it happens soon. :)

Sara Tribble said...

Let's see I think we started our blogs around the same time! Plus we were already emailing each other like crazy lol so thats how I found your blog! I know I love getting comments too!

beth said...

I think you followed me first?

But I SO am with you on the love of comments! Makes me feel like I'm not shouting at the wind :)

Rebecca said...

It's funny I don't even know how I found some of you but when I find a fellow writer I'm all about following them. I'm glad I broke out of my weary blog shyness and got to meet you!