Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Excuse my mess

With all the talk of my website I started thinking about my blog layout. Thus the changes you might see if you're a regular visitor. If you are - thank you! I'm sure I'll test a few layouts and maybe even try my own sassy ideas. Consider yourself warned. Feel free to comment if you see something hideous here or if you happen to like the old layout or whatever else you want to say.

You'd think someone who went to school for graphic design would have an easier time picking some silly colors huh? It kills me how much harder we are on ourselves, if this was for someone else I'd be done in a few hours. What silly creatures we humans are.


JennM said...

nice color choices - we could just reverse them for the site.

beth said...

Hmmm...cool new layout!

Sara Tribble said...

After reading Sage I think of very neutral calm colors. I know I really like a tan with a forest green and an accent deep brown. It goes together really well and I use to have a different template blog and used the colors but realized I wanted something more contrast since I decided my blog would follow my writing so orange and blue and white it was and still it!