Monday, March 30, 2009

Damn these good books!

It's a little after 8 am and I'm really stinkin' tired. This is all my own doing of course, I can't even blame my son for waking me up crying. And I owe it all to one awesome book that kept me up way later then I wanted. My eyes were burning but I kept turning those pages. I was hooked. I AM hooked. I've got the book right here with me now so while my son watches Sesame Street and eats his cheerios mommy can read all about the zombies trying feed on human flesh. (boy, there's one theme I don't think I'll see Elmo discussing anytime soon)

Just to clarify I am in love with this book which stopped me from precious sleep long after I shut down my trusty laptop. The book is The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan and I can safely say I highly recommend it even with only being a little more than half way done. It's creepy and dark but just so captivating! If I hadn't bought it because of what I'd heard from a a fellow blogger Beth who went to the book signing (thank you!) and from reading the author's blog and knowing this was her first published novel and wanting to support her- I'd be definitely be buying it after seeing how much I liked it.

This has been a great week for reading for me. I better hope the next one becomes a good week for writing! I'll no doubt be posting my entire impression of this book once I finish in the next day or so.

*Here's a little something that might make you laugh on this Monday morning. When trying to tell my sister about this book I must have said every possible combination of wrong words and she just kept looking at me like I was nuts and asking what the hell the name really was! Here are some of them...

The Forest of Feet and Hands
The Forest of Feet and Teeth
The Forest of Hands and Feet
The Forest of Teeth and Hands

No people it's The Forest of Hands and Teeth - say it with me...
Once you read it you'll see why. I won't be messing the title up again after getting in this deep. So awesome!


Lady Glamis said...

I heard this book was really violent and scary. I'm not into that much. Zombies don't fascinate me, either, but everybody keeps saying how good the book is. I'd just better look into it, huh? Although, if you read my post today, you'll see that I have major problems with my reading list. :)

Rebecca said...

Yes, it is violent and scary and yes I too am not that into the zombie thing. But what got me with this book was the balance of how she could horrify you yet not say too much. I am in love with the way Carrie Ryan freaked me out just by small details and movements. Then again I haven't finished so it might get more intense. But I'm hoping its in a good way like the first half.

I am a big advocate of not giving away much on movies and books but I can tell you that the back story of what the main character thinks exists in their life gives this glimmer of hope within the dark and gorey stuff. And as always heart wrenching love shines its own bright light.

I have a huge amount of respect for any author that can get me to stay up way past my desired bed time. I'd rather read this then shower or eat right now! haha

Leah Clifford said...

Hey Rebecca! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Just wait...FHT gets even BETTER! Keep in touch!
Do you know about the forums on Queryt Tracker? I'm gypsygurl on there.

beth said...

I'm so glad that you're liking it! It really is great, isn't it? I just finished it this weekend.

Cindy said...

I keep going back and forth on wanting to read this book. I, too, like when I can read something that doesn't give too much away but evokes a strong emotion. I'm going to keep it in mind. Thanks!

Nora said...

I can't count how many times a book has kept me up way too late. Now I just have to get my hands on FHT so that I can have another (wonderful) sleepless night!