Thursday, March 12, 2009

Crossed my first bridge

I'm happy to report that I'm still waiting on the queries I sent. Maybe that's the wrong way to put it since technically I am waiting only this time it's to hear back on the 50 pages I sent to an agent yesterday! Ohh it feels good to say that.

I crossed the first bridge of many in this magnificent dream. I'm one stop closer to holding that book in my hands.

No surprise to see I'm over the moon with this news but what is surprising is my attitude about the less favorable outcome. Something I'm excited to feel. Whatever happens I win. I clearly win if offered representation for my novel. But I also win if rejected. I win because I had the opportunity to have an expert review my work. I now know I did something right in my query letter and the concept of my story. That is a gift in itself. And if it is rejected I know what to work on - mainly writing. And for that I will be grateful. I can rest assured knowing I did one main thing right. I can go back and revise again knowing I am spending my time on the right thing.

I went into this knowing rejection is part of the process. The good thing about that is that you learn from it. You may not be ready just yet and that's okay. But crossing this first bridge means I am ready in some way and with any luck I'll get some personalized feedback on what it is that made her pass. Of course I'll be sad but I'll be happy to know something. I won't be dangling out there wondering where to channel my efforts.

Story concept - interesting enough to get a request
Query - professional and effective enough to get a request
Writing - ???

Now that's comforting. It feels like those very very long road trips where you become overjoyed with the sight of a sign for a city that's midway to your destination. You feel that relief and excitement at seeing you've made it halfway. That's how I see a request. I'm halfway there. And one day when I find representation I'll start a whole new journey.

But the important thing is taking a journey to begin with. Go somewhere, anywhere, but at least go. Like my 17 month-old-son says when he's ready "Go. Go. Go." I hear you baby!

I might have to take a pit stop and work on things at some point but at least I'm going. I'm just happy to feel there are no wrong turns on this particular road.

OK. I'm done with the cliches for tonight. Here's to a weekend of waiting in a whole new sort of way...this time my smiles a little bigger.


beth said...

That is such a positive way of looking at it! Good for you--I'm so glad that you've found a way to learn from even the bad aspects of this biz.

Rebecca said...

Thanks Beth! I hope I still feel this way if that rejection rolls in. That's one good thing about posting this sort of thing - I have to hold myself accountable since I put this out there for the world to see! When I post about whatever the outcome of the request is I have to live up to this and that's a good thing. So far so good, still feeling hopeful and at peace with whatever comes. Just a little restless with the waiting part!