Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cool things in the news

I've seen two things in the past week that got me inspired. One is a little odd but still interesting in its own way.

Bat Hitches Ride to Space on Shuttle Discovery from Fox News

Love this even though the poor thing died a horrific death if stayed on long enough to leave. Still isn't there something that catches your attention with this? I had a bunch of crazy ideas where I could include this sort of thing in one of my books. And yes it would be very science fiction based. I'm thinking something coming back on the outside of the shuttle as opposed to leaving with it...

Flying car lifts off in maiden flight from

This is so darn cool! My mind is all over the place with this image. Of course I immediately have visions of The Jetsons. Loved that show too. Just think of the possibilities of having a car you can drive then fly. You're driving along and spot an awesome view. Just pick up some speed and go flying above that beautiful valley. And I'd like to see the cops catch me speeding ever again. (sadly I have had a few speeding tickets) I could finally drive as fast as I wanted to! Not to mention the incredible story ideas this provides. I know this is nothing new, people have been writing about flying cars for a long time but seeing it in real life just seems to make it all the more interesting. What would this do for my road rage? Would 16 still be the legal age to drive? Prepare for the future people!

I love seeing random things in the news that inspire me and even more than that I love good news. Give me a story about a bat or flying car over homicide and a failing economy any day.

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