Tuesday, March 24, 2009

For all you HP fans out there

I've been crazy in love with the Harry Potter series since back before the first film came out. I read those beast of a books so fast it would make your head spin. Now here's the crazy part...I have yet to read the 7th and final book! Something I have trouble believing myself. I do have one very valid reason and one that's just so so.

Valid reason #1
My niece who will be nine tomorrow (happy b-day Jess! her gifts from me consisted of a HP bag, HP t shirt and a three headed dog) and I have been reading all the books together the past year or so. I begged my lovely sister to let me read them to her when she was old enough and so here we are. One thing I would like to brag about is her incredible drive to read just like her auntie. She read just about the entire 6th book on her own and is now waiting for me to finish since I made her stop right near the end of it. For anyone that's read them you know why!

Valid reason #2
I don't want it to end. There I said it. But really, I was in no rush to end something I'd been faithfully addicted to for years. I sobbed at the end of book 6 for obvious reasons but also because it was coming to an end. Eek - one more book left. Am I a pleasure delayer or what? I'm one of those people that saves my favorite flavor for last when I eat something like sour patch kids. Orange anyone?

And so we are about to end book 6 and finally venture into the final book in a series that we both adore. (how sick are we? waiting until summer when we have more time together?) A 30-year-old and a 9-year-old gaga over the same book? That's exactly why this series has sold over 400 million copies.

So far my all time favorite book has been Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and my favorite movie has been Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

What about you out there that share my fondness for the messy haired wizard? What's your favorite book and movie? And please do not spoil anything for me!


Sara Tribble said...

It is so hard! I love HP and thanks to my best friend who recommended them saying Sara I promise you will love this! Needless to say it was I who recommened Twilight to her lol which she loved! I have to say they are all phenomenal but I really loved the Goblet of Fire, there was just all kinds of cool stuff in that one, then probably the final book! I know its the end and I feel your pain of how it would end but it met my expectations! JK is amazing!! You also have amazing patience to wait that long!! Good for you!

Lady Glamis said...

I liked the Goblet of Fire the best, same as you. Not sure on the movies yet. Probably the last one so far has been my favorite.

I LOVE your new colors here. Brown is a fave. :)

Jen said...

I loved GoF, but Half-Blood Prince has to be my favorite book. I think my favorite movie so far has to be Sorcerer's Stone, because I owe the fact that I'm an HP fan to the trailer for that one. Mom and I had gone to the movies to see Osmosis Jones and I saw the HP trailer and fell in love. I had all four books ('cuz there were still only four at that time) read in less than a month. I was in second grade.