Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Man's POV

So for one of my next projects I'd like to write a YA novel from a male point of view. I have a great plot and characters all lined up but I'm a bit nervous about sounding believable as a 19 year old guy! Does anyone out there know of any books that are seen from a guy's perspective but written by a female?

I'm talking about first person, inside your head kind of stuff. I have an intense love of books that make you feel as if you ARE the main character and seem to find that I only want (or at least try) to write this way myself. I could easily write the same story but from the girl he falls in loves with side right? Of course, but then it wouldn't be the fun, complicated, honest story I envision it to be. When the idea came to me it was clear that it needed to be told by this guy or not at all. He is not up for negotiating! That's one of the awesome things I've discovered since beginning to write this past year, the characters tell their own stories. I had no idea this would happen but boy does it!

I myself have not read a YA novel like this. (Again, if you have please share so I can check them out!) The only books that come to mind that are even about males that I've read or enjoyed are the incredible HARRY POTTER and ERAGON series. I adore those stories but they aren't told in first person. They are great examples of successful YA series with male leads but they don't go into the intimate thoughts of their main characters as I'd like to go with mine. And yet this is the part that worries me, can I write something that goes deep enough as a girl pretending to be a boy? Sure I feel I can be a fifteen year old girl, after all I've been there. But a boy? Would teen girls like it? Would boys?

I guess there's only one way to know..write the darn thing and find out. That's pretty much the answer for many concerns isn't it? Give it a shot!


Sara T. said...

I cannot recommend a book like this-sorry. However you should do it, I actually wrote a short story like this only my man was obsessed with a woman and it's more of a murder like thing lol! But it was fun to be in a man's mind even if he is crazy! You should go for it!

amanda31 said...

I assume you mean other than Midnight Sun? This is a tough one since there don't seem to be that many books from the first person. Nicholas Sparks is fantastic at doing the opposite, but I think they're all in third person. Hmmm...

Regardless, I think it's definitely something you should try!

Rebecca said...

How could I forget about Midnight Sun? Of course that is a great example! Of course Edward is a bit unusual now isn't he, not exactly your average male teenager!

Thanks for the push of confidence ladies! Maybe I'll post a few paragraphs of it and see what ya' all think.