Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Two goals and a concert

I'm feeling pretty good about goals I set for myself with a writer friend yesterday. We've agreed to push each other along and check in daily on both revisions and writing. I've set my goal to write at least two new chapters a week for my sequel and revise at least two chapters a day in Sage. Yesterday I did just that, off to a good start! (Love our incredible critique group!)

I also have a second set of eyes reading behind me since I'll no doubt miss things in the revisions. It helps sooo much to have someone else do that because I hear it in my head the way I want to but it doesn't always read that way. I tried to use the program that reads text aloud to you but ugh, that robotic voice and oh man is it slow! So I think I'll stick to the old fashioned way for now.

One the agent front, no word yet on the revised partial I sent back last week. But it's way early in the game. I really have no idea how this will work. I said nothing about it being exclusive this time in my email and she didn't reply asking for one so all I can do is wait again. I know I should be proactive and querying again but I do feel like I owe this agent some time since she gave me the personalized feedback that has already helped my story tremendously. Plus the fact that I really want to work with her!

Side note:
Yay! Today's the Blue October concert in Philly. My sister got me a ticket for my birthday so this is something we've both really been looking forward to for months. Unfortuntaltely this means I won't be meeting my writing goals today...but heck, this sure is a good excuse!


Lisa and Laura said...

Have fun at the concert! Seems like a good reason to let the writing slide just this once..

Jennifer Shirk said...

Enjoy the concert! Hope you hear from that agent soon, too! :)

~Jamie said...

Gah... this friend sounds like a complete hardass :)

I am going to write 3k a day for the rest of the week... oh yes I am!

Icy Roses said...

I love Blue October! I approve of your reason for defecting from writing.