Monday, April 27, 2009

30 things I love about summer

Like my food list, this has not a darn thing to do with writing. But who cares - sometimes it's just fun to talk about warm and fuzzy stuff right? And with temps in the 90s here in PA I can't help but think about the coming season.

1. Swimming
2. Picking strawberries
3. Stargazing
4. Driving with the sunroof open and the windows down
5. Farmers Markets
6. Lush green leaves and grass
7. Fireflies
8. Sleeping with the window open
9. Eating dinner outside
10. Watching Nathan discover things like bugs and clouds
11. Picnics
12. Walking in the grass barefoot
13. Flying a kite
14. Watermelon
15. Seeing my freckles come out
16. More hours of daylight
17. More time with my niece and nephew
18. Blueberries
19. Vacations
20. Laying in the sun
21. Not needing a coat
22. Corn on the cob
23. Flip flops
24. Walks at sunset
25. Frozen cocktails
26. Reading by the pool
27. Sidewalk chalk
28. Fireworks
29. Sun+fresh air=good nights sleep (especially for kids!)
30. Listening to crickets and peepers at night

Guess you can tell we live in the country. I'm loving this week in spite of the ridiculous temp change ahead, 92 to 65, how sick is that? Even though it's going to cool down all the trees are blossoming and the grass has finally turned green so it looks incredible. I can't wait to spend the evenings outside with my laptop writing my sequel.


beth said...

That's so cool!

Me...I hate summer. I like everything BUT summer...but I do like some of the things on your list!

KLo said...

Your list made me feel better about summer ... although I'm still not a fan. I get grouchy and sweaty and hide in my bedroom in front of the AC. Thanks for the brief positive interlude (before the 90 degree day looming ahead tomorrow ...)

Lisa and Laura said...

ooh, I love summer. I think I love just about everything on your list with the exception of walking barefoot.

It was 85 degrees here today. I wish it was like this all year!

Anonymous said...

I woke up this morning to . . . SNOW!!! I am so ready for summer.

crystal corona said...

I LOVEEEEE SUMMMER!!! I hope and pray we have a pretty summer here in Germany! Last summer was more like a crappy rainy winter (in Florida). I loved your list!!!!!! I would be happy with 75 and sunny.. let alone above 90s!!!

Rebecca said...

Oh no Becca - snow? April is crazy everywhere this year!

Update: it's now in the fifties. Talk about a major temp change!

Glad I got some smiles here...I love what happens this time of year. Everything looks so beautiful and new!