Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The news I've been waiting for

It finally happened. Today I got a response on my partial! The wait is over she said...NO.
Sadly that's a fact but I am sooo okay with it because of her comments which were just what I was hoping for if she indeed passed. (Is it wrong to be this excited with a rejection?)

Here's s little inside info into what she said...

There was a lot she liked but I had more going on than needed. She listed the part of the story she was interested in as well as the one part she was not. She then said if I should revise using her suggestions she would invite me to resubmit. Holy cow...that last part did it for me!

I kept thinking I'd hear that I needed to refine my craft or something - meaning my writing revealed my inexperience but no, she clearly thought my writing was there just needed to ditch a part of the storyline. Though she passed on what I have, I feel validated. I feel great actually!

But no I will not be making this major change in the book just yet. This is one persons opinion and though I greatly respect it, I also happen to love this part of my story. Now, if I hear this again or reach the end of the road with my list of possible agents, I will rethink this idea and resubmit.

Aren't you happy to know you don't have to hear about the exclusive partial anymore? I am! Relief all around. And so the quest continues but with an extra shot of confidence knowing my writing is pulling its own weight. Funny how three sentences in the form of rejection can add to your self confidence isn't it? That's what I freaking love about life - there's always a silver lining, you just have to know where to find it.

And to think I was preparing my "nagging" follow up email to send Friday...another reason to rejoice. I get to remain slightly less annoying for a day.


~Jamie said...

Congrats girl! When I got my first rejection on a partial I was cool with it too haha! It made me feel so much better knowing an AGENT had read my work!

Glad to hear the exclusive thing is finished!

T. Anne said...

I got the same thing last week on a partial. I have to admit it was a let down. Although the same book is still out in partial form elsewhere so I remain cautiously hopeful.

JennM said...

I am very proud of you.

beth said...

Sometimes, rejections are kind of a relief--I'm glad you got a good one!

Eric said...

Congrats. It sounds like you are taking it well, and taking from the experience what you need to. Marks of a good writer, I'd say.

Lady Glamis said...

Sorry to hear about the rejection, but this is a great way to begin ... with a good attitude! You will go far. :D