Friday, April 10, 2009

Good things ahead

I'm feeling good about some things I've started to do or will be starting to do I should say. A blog chain with fellow YA writers, a YA critique group (different YA writers than the blog chain) and an outline for the next two books that will be part of the series I started with Sage.

I've been bursting at the seams with ideas for these new books as well as other ones outside of the series so now I just need to kick it in gear and get writing. I'm psyched about the writing group so that once I get through Sage with them I'll have to be on top of having a new chapter to share each week or every other week when I start the others. Accountability is an amazing incentive isn't it?

I'm still doing my best to relax on hearing back from the agent on my partial. Too bad the Easter bunny doesn't deliver emails too! In all honesty I'm cool with it, I have a game plan and for now I'm focused on spending a weekend enjoying my family and the holiday.



Lisa and Laura said...

Happy Easter, Rebecca!

Glad to hear you have a plan on the agent with the partial. Those types of situations can be so frustrating!

Keep us posted!

Lady Glamis said...

Have a great weekend! Patience is good. :D

Jen said...

Oh, wow! That's pretty awesome. Hope you hear back about that partial soon! Happy Easter. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to you too! Best of luck with the partial.

Mary Lindsey said...

Good luck on the partial. Glad you feel like you have some direction. Wishing you a fantastic week.