Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Stars I can reach

This is the opening to the Blue October song Sound of Pulling Heaven Down

Somewhere, far away from here
I saw stars, stars that I could reach
It was a midnight, a silent twilight
Fell down, beyond the ocean beach

I love this because it's an awesome song but lately it's taken on a new meaning. Actually it happened the same day I got the my first email from an agent requesting the partial of my manuscript. It's the line I saw stars, stars I could reach. Everyone has dreams but as a writer who has finished a 92,000 word novel I feel like I found my star I can reach.

Let me explain.

We've all heard the saying "reach for the stars" and know it means go for it, chase your dreams. But what I see in most people is a want for something they make no effort to have. So for all you writers out there that write, I mean really write and are genuinely on the path to finishing a book or have finished, you're star is within reach. But only in reach if you want it to be. (and anyone taking actions towards a dream) Writing a book doesn't mean the same thing for everyone. For some it means becoming a successful author, for others its the sense of accomplishment they feel for doing it with no intent on sharing it with the world. Whatever your intent is - who cares! Just be sure to take the steps to pull that star a little bit closer each day.

The day I got that email and heard these lyrics I knew my star was that much closer and I don't plan on it fading anytime soon. It meant I'd done something right and I was one step closer to my dream. It may takes weeks, months or years but that star will be in the palm of my hands someday and I'll have a big fat smile spread across my face when it is. In the meantime I'm happy because though I want to see that star, I'm making sure to smile everyday star or not!

Here's a link to a live video someone posted on youtube if you'd like to hear this song for yourself. I tried to put the video right on there but had issues and gave up!

*Eek- can't wait to see Blue October live this month!!!


Anonymous said...

OMG! I know this song by heart and listen to it all the time even years ago when they first came out! It's wonderful isn't it! Your going to see them! So jealous right now! I am trying to catch up on my blogs while I got some free time! Crazy! Soo many so little time! I will ttys via email!

JennM said...

This is one of my favorite BO songs, mostly because I love that beginning, especially in the live version! Can't wait for the concert and btw Happy Birthday!!!

Eric said...

Congrats. I can't say I know the song - gotta go check it out - but I completely agree with the sentiment. A year ago, I wasn't even considering being able to write an entire book But here I am, still working it. Like you, I have that idea just ahead of me where I manage to get published. Yeah!

Lady Glamis said...

Thank you for sharing. I'm pretty depressed today and this has helped cheer me up just a bit.

Kate Karyus Quinn said...

Congrats on the partial request!

I don't know that song, but I'm going to find it online - I could use a little inspiration too!

beth said...

Wow...I'd never heard that song before, but I like it a lot! What beautiful lyrics.