Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Most random mix of a post ever

I couldn't decide what to post on so I thought I'd just do a little of everything while trying to get this down before the toddler wakes up.

Airline Miles
I am totally disgusted with them. I have more than enough miles for a round trip anywhere in the country though sadly I'm unable to us them before they expire this week. Ok great so I found out I could transfer them. Here's the thing - it would cost 330 freaking dollars to do so. Uh is it just me or is that more than most tickets cost? WTF is the benefit here Delta? So out of anger and principle I ordered 20 magazine subscriptions for my family and myself. Seriously. 20. And yes just so you know I will recycle those thousands of magazines over the next year. On a much kinder and gentler note I used the remaining chunk of miles as a donation to Make A Wish. Yeah, I know I should have used all of them for that purpose but I was so caught up in my pissed off rant that I didn't. Shame on me. Look forward to posts in the future being inspired from magazine articles.

I was flying high on the revisions I made to my first five chapters (the ones I sent to the agent) but when I took a look again last night I saw things I could improve. Grrrr! Is this how anyone else feels? Like there will always be something you would change? Oddly enough that's not the case with the actual plot or characters but more so the whole show vs. tell thing etc. I'm also feeling a little overwhelmed with doing this to the rest of the book which is about twenty more chapters that need editing. The critique group will never get through it as fast as I need to since we do one chapter a week and I need to be ready in case I get a request for a full. So I am guessing I need to just do my best myself. It's not that bad, it just needs to be polished up. Any advice out there? I know I should have had all this done before I queried but at the time I thought I was and now that I've made all these changes I know I need to make the rest as good as the beginning which of course I still think needs a little spit and shine! Am I nuts? Possibly.

For the moms
Ok so I know there are some moms that read my posts so I thought I could share this though its a little nasty and random to say the least. My son is 18 months old, clearly still in diapers. My issue is now with the warm weather he's not wearing one of those super trendy white cotton leotards or better known to the world as a onesie, under his clothes. They used to catch the run off from the diapers. Who knew I'd have to worry about poop on my pajamas now? No really. This morning he was sitting on my lap watching a video on the computer (he insists on this every time I check my email when he's awake and its usually Life is a Highway from CARS!) and I put him down to find a nice brown spot on my thigh. Eww. I hated onseies and only used them to keep him warm but now that spring has sprung it looks like I'll be missing that little cotton number. Who knew they served such an important function as this age? Poop catcher. And so I guess I'll either have a sweaty kid with a onesie under his t-shirt all summer or be on poop watch every time he sits down. Hmmm. I'll have to ponder that one.

I have never before this past week been a multiple book reader. I liked to read them straight through before going to something new. So what the heck is up with me having not 1 or 2 or 3 but 4 books started? Yikes. Something isn't right with that. Either the books just aren't holding me or I have issues with staying focused lately. FYI only one of these is my new books that arrived Friday but this is the exception since I only read like three pages.

I better stop there. The little guy is awake and no doubt in need of a diaper change!


JennM said...

Sorry, you developing a love for the onsie is funny enough, but then to hear about the poop stain well i can hardly control my laughter!

And in regards to the book editing, just do it girl, BUT don't overthink it! And don't forget to change the housekeepers name LOL.

Lady Glamis said...


Have you tried the next diaper size? I know that when my daughter started leaking out of her diaper (poop-wise), going up to the next size always helped and meant she had just grown a bit. Just a suggestion.