Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blog Chain: Where do you write?

Lin at Lin Wang - Teen Writer started our blog chain this week asking the question "where do you write?"

I feel bad that I'm posting so late in the evening and that it's a short response but I'm majorly sleep deprived (that reason why will be a fun post tomorrow!) and had to work today so I'm behind pretty behind compared to my usual schedule.

So, where do I write?
That's easy to answer because I only write at home. How boring, right? The only thing that switches up for me are the places within the house where I write. But it's always one of the following: big comfy, brown leather chair in the living room, (usually only when American Idol or Grey's is on) in bed or outside by the pool.

I'd love to have a writing office, preferably with a nice view with lots of trees outside so I could open the window when its warm outside. I'd want a desk to do most of my writing (since I think I've been messing my neck up lately with the way I sit while typing )and an over sized chair and ottoman for the days I want to cozy up and think.

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Lisa and Laura said...

I'm a boring home writer too. I've written at coffee shops a couple of times, but I always end up feeling like a dork and getting really distracted by people watching...

T. Anne said...

Home in the kitchen. My laptop travels with me throughout the house!

beth said...

I write whenever and wherever I can! Ah, the glories of a laptop... :)

Anonymous said...

awesome description of the ideal writing office!

Mary Lindsey said...

I write at home too. I write either in my office with the view of the trees you mentioned or at the kitchen on my laptop where I'm closer to the coffee. :)

Nice post.

And thanks for the link in your sidebar!