Sunday, April 5, 2009

In honor of my 50th post...

Yay, I made it to a full 50 posts in a very short time as a new writer/blogger! In honor of this accomplishment I'm going just ramble on about whatever it is I feel like.

It's been quite a weekend with a rather dark point I'd rather forget but know will only get worse with time. Sadly this involves a turn for the worse in a relationship that can be ended but never really end since a child is involved. Talk about a lesson in patience and courage! Which is just what I need right now in more ways than one since I'm working on my professional email to the agent with my exclusive partial who I haven't heard back from in over twenty days.

Everything in life can help us grow whether it's part of a professional situation or as personal as deciding to end a marriage. We never stop growing and sometimes it just plain hurts. There are days it would be easier to take a break from all this darn growing and evolving and just sit back and relax but the next day you might just find yourself working doubly hard to catch up or worse, your growth could be stunted! For me its gonna hurt like hell to do some of the growing I need to do but I'm ready. Here's whats on the agenda for the week...

1. Turn 30 on Wednesday (YAY!)

2. Explore legal options for the personal ickyness (sp?) discussed earlier (EW!)

3. Follow up on the exclusive an agent has of my partial

And that's just the big stuff. Who knows what else will come my way and especially as a result of two of the things and I'm not talking about the first one! Some pretty awesome stuff could come my way and then again it might not. The point is I need to be ready for it. Number two is just plain icky and number three is the one I'm working on now. I'm getting my shiny and professional email ready to send and lining up a writing group to help me work on my manuscript in the event she passes.

And ya know what? I'm sending the much anticipated follow up email a day early in honor of my 30th birthday. With any luck I'll get some news whether it be a rejection or a request for the full manuscript.

This week is a time for moving on and suffering through growing pains. Wish me luck!

*Disclaimer - this may not actually be my 50th post. I just realized I have one or two sneaky little drafts hiding in my edit post box! *gasp*


Lady Glamis said...

Good luck with all of those! I just turned 29 and it almost killed me. I can't imagine with 30 will feel like. Yikes! But really, we're still young. :D

I'm lost on your 2nd one... Not sure what you're talking about. Sorry if I'm clueless or forgot something. My brain is overloaded this week. It's going to be a loooong week.

Here's to hoping we both get through!

Rebecca said...

Thanks Lady Glamis! It's funny I don't feel the least bit "old" turning 30, something I'm grateful for!

The second thing I was refering to was about me having to explore options on divorce and child support. Ick! Not looking forward to that but life has to move on I figure putting it out there might help someone else find strength.

Thanks for the support. I love the awesome connections I've made to fellow writers - you're amazing people! So here's to a new start with a big birthday and hopefully some news on my manuscript!