Tuesday, August 11, 2009

YA section at the local library

I would be all about taking more books out at the local library. If they actually had the ones I was looking for. I really did try. I swear!

As of today I am making it known that one of my goals towards publication is that I will donate large amounts of books for the YA section at my library when I get a book deal. I know I could be doing that now but I'm pretty much in a place where it's me or them and I'm pretty selfish with the books these days. But I'm not that horrible because I do share with my sisters and friends. Ok, even as I am writing this I can see how silly I am talking about what I want to do instead of doing it. Even if I can't donate a case of books I sure as heck can donate one to start. Geesh, I guess I talked myself into that one.

So I'd love to know how the YA sections are in your local libraries? Do you they carry the newest in demand titles? Can you even find that section or is it hidden in the dark recesses? Does the librarian know what books are hot?

I ask all these questions because in my experience it's a little sketchy at ours. Here's why...

1. The YA section is tucked at the very end corner of the adult section and is very small. *sigh* (that section should be close to the kids books because it's way more user friendly for teens than the deathly silent adult space! talk about intimidating - ick)
2. My sister overheard someone asking the librarian in the children's section (I assume she was the Children's Librarian) if they had Percy Jackson series. Guess what? She didn't know what that was! (Icy Roses is having trouble breathing at the site of this one I bet!)
3. Months and months after The Hunger Games was already out they didn't have a copy. And no, I don't mean it was out. They didn't own one.

Am I alone on this or should they be up on what the hot new books are even if they don't have them available at the moment? This is what gets kids and teens in the door sometimes and if they come and find it's not available and leave, they may never come back. That makes me sad because there are so many kids/teens who's families don't have $20+ to spend on a brand new hardcover. My sister for example is donating her "like brand new" Breaking Dawn book because she bought the new special edition for the Blue October DVD with it (yes we heart them since we are going to see them for a second time this month). She asked them at the desk if they would take it since it was technically used and they said yes because of what book it was since all the Twilight series are in such high demand. That, I commend.

I'm not in any way bashing libraries. I love libraries. My first job was at a library. And I know a lot of it stems from the fact that they lack the funds to have all these books but I strongly believe having the current stuff will get kids/teens in the door. Heck, grown ups too. Woot woot - I'm 3o and reading pretty much only YA books! While I can't make them stay on the cusp of what's hot in the new release world or even existing books I can be the one donating them. One copy of The Hunger Games is better than none, right? Ohh, they so better have one by now...I'm totally going to check on their site when I'm done.

I challenge the other YA writers out there to check out your local libraries. Can you help your YA section grow? Even if it's one book every few months, think of how much of a difference that can make? Ohh this might be a cool aspect for my contest this month.


Amanda J. said...

I went to my library the other day with a small list of books I wanted, and I did accidentally leave a few, but of the 5 or so I was looking for they had one. Only one.

I did, however, find 2 other titles I'd been interested in but had completely spaced on when I was making my list, but still 1 out of 5. Really? It made me sad.

And I've been thinking the same thing; if/when I get money and books to spare, libraries look out!

Icy Roses said...

Yeah, I kind of died at that one, lol. To my knowledge, the Percy Jackson books are always gone in our local library.

Personally, I like that the YA section is near the adult section because the children's sections is too loud for my liking. I also feel like less of a baby when I read there. :-)

Mim said...

Our Young Adult section isn't huge. It is one side of a long row of bookshelf, and then a few carrels in the aisle. It is in the children's section.

However, the county system as a whole has a lot of the books. They have multiple copies (talking close to 100) of the bigger new releases, but they don't seem to get in the debut authors.

I usually hear about a book, and then request it online. Then it is delivered to my library from another one within the county. i don't find many books by browsing this way, but it is a lot easier since I drag my three kids to the library each time I go.

I love my local library because I'm already overloaded on books at home. I only buy a book when I'm super excited about it or I know that I'm going to read it multiple times. If I had more space I could have a serious book buying problem. Once I get a Kindle, I know I will.

ElanaJ said...

My local library YA section isn't that great. Luckily, through a library share with another closeby city, it's pretty good. I can't put titles on hold there, or request, but they have a much bigger YA section.

beth said...

*sigh* My YA section is pitifully small (the same size as the Christmas book collection, believe it or not)...and most of the titles are way old. I mean, Princess Diaries is all well and good, but I'm pretty sure I saw a Babysitter's Club book on there recently...

Lauren said...

I'm with Mim as far as online requests go. We're connected to a huge library system, so as long as you're willing to wait a couple weeks, the entire YA world is at your fingertips.

As far as the YA section itself...We have tons of books, but the "new" shelf is usually books that came out several months ago -_-' I have to special order the new-new releases.