Sunday, August 2, 2009

Back from NYC!

I made it home safe and sound after two awesome days of traveling, laughing, attending a fab wedding, staying up till 4 am and having my son cry when I got home...and that's just half of the story.

I'll post more this week about the trip and hopefully have pictures to go with it since it was that amazing. But first I wanted to write a quick post to thank my lovely sister for writing on my blog yesterday and saying such super nice things about me and my writing. *blushes* Totally unexpected! When she said she was going to write about me I thought she was joking but when I read what she wrote I was speechless and actually fought back a tear or two. I've known she likes my book but it was just crazy to read it in such a public way. Love you for that Jenn!

And no I didn't pay her to say those things about me but maybe she thought I'd get her more books today if she did. Kidding. I hope. Another exciting thing is that my sister Jenn is planning on starting to review all these books we read which means of course I'll be sharing the links to. It's all about the YA books here in the family! Oh and thank you to Jamie, Sara and Susan for your sweet and supportive comments. I was so worried Jenn wouldn't get any comments and feel like a loser but you saved the day.

And now I must get my sorry butt in bed early for once considering how tired I am after drinking the night away and hitting a deli at 3 am. Bet you can guess how I felt this morning after only 4 hours of sleep. It wasn't pretty.


ElanaJ said...

Wow! Glad you're back.

Shigune Matsui said...

Glad you are back. Also I am looking for followers of my blog! Visit my blog at I too am a writer so I am trying to get my voice heard. Please follow if you like!

Carrie Harris said...

Welcome back! Glad you had such a nice trip!