Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I wanna be a writer when I grow up! Oh wait, I already am...

It's Tuesday, my day to contribute to the blog chain this week, and Kim kicked it off with a really good question I think most of us will have fun answering. She asks, "what are your plans for your career as a writer?"

I've probably got a good twelve years on Kim since she just graduated from high school so it was fascinating to read about her goals - they're great! I'm also thinking I might be a little jealous of how focused she is for her age along with the simple fact she knows she wants to a be a writer. I didn't figure that out until I was twenty nine. Better late than never.

Like most things in my life I know exactly what I want from my career as a writer, and I definitely DO want to have a career as a writer. No doubt about that folks. I think I'll make this a little easier to read by making a list, love a good list. I'm sure I'm missing some things here but you get the idea - I want it, and I want it bad.

1. I want to be a full time author. No part time or side jobs. I say author, not writer because I realize it goes well beyond writing. (yes, I know this is difficult to achieve considering the amount books you have to sell and write)

2. Books have been one of the single most inspiring and fantastic forms of entertainment in my life. Simply put, I want to help contribute more of that to the world.

3. I believe in paying it forward so I've made a promise to myself that when my first book is published I'll start working with my local library to start a program where I donate as many new Young Adult releases I can manage several times a year.

4. Reaching out to aspiring authors (young and old) to help them learn from my experience and support them in achieving their goals. In my mind published authors are one of the best resources and source of inspiration.

5. To show my son that anything is possible, that dreams are meant to be chased even when the world tells you it's next to impossible or just not practical.

What about you? Are you looking for a career as a writer? What are your goals?

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Lazy Writer said...

Great career goals! I especially like the one about your son. I want writing to be my career, and I'll do just about anything to make it happen. It's just such a slow process that I sometimes think of giving it up, but then I remember why I'm doing it in the first place--because I love it!

T. Anne said...

I must concur on number five. I hope to show my kids dreams can come true, in a big way. ;)

Lisa and Laura said...

You read our minds, Laura and I were just talking about this. Mostly we're just really proud to be following our dreams, and we can't wait until we can pay it forward, talking to kids, working with libraries and booksellers and other aspiring authors. It's all very, very exciting!