Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How has writing affected your life?

Icy Roses kicked off the blog chain this week asking how writing has affected our lives. A great question that I'm excited to both answer and see what other people have to say. After reading her response I'm super envious of the fact that writing has given her a routine to the point where she treats it as a job. Love that. I only wish I could be that dedicated. Some days I'm on, some days I'm off. The nice thing is that when I do have a deadline I meet it. Love the pressure.

Well, for me writing has changed my life in many ways. The biggest thing has to be that I truly feel I've discovered the thing I never knew I needed or wanted. As hokey as it sounds I mean it. I know within every inch of my soul that I'm mean to write for the rest of my life. Whether that means as a published author or just fun remains unanswered at the moment but I'm rooting for the published author part in case anyone was wondering. I'm just saying...

Another aspect is the way I spend my time. I mean seriously, what the hell did I even do with my evenings before? Watch movies? Clean? Socialize? Soak in the bathtub? Read? Sounds good but I now choose to spend my time typing away on my laptop writing, blogging, researching, chatting with writing friends, cruising forums and publishing sites. I still read just not as often now that I find myself more interested in my own characters and stories. Believe me I can tear myself away to read books like Hush Hush (in love with it already and I'm only a few chapters in) and The Maximum Ride series (on book 2 right now).

I was never into the whole chatting or connecting with online strangers but since I started writing and posting on forums and blogs I've met some incredible people. I've never met any of them in real life but they know way more about this aspect of my life than my friends and family I see everyday. They've helped me improve my writing, kept going on the days it got tough and provided me the support in every which way. They are amazing and I'd never have made it this far without them. I also love meeting new people practically everyday who are going through the exact same thing I am trying to become published or writers who have seen their dreams come true, either way it's one of the most pleasant surprises I've encountered since I began this adventure last August.

Then there are the less life altering changes, like the way I read other peoples books now, the worship I feel for my trusty green laptop, the fact that I know what WIP, ARC and MC stand for among many other things I can't even think of at the moment.

My life is richer, more beautiful, more fulfilling now that I'm a writer and any thing negative I might say is overshadowed by the simple fact that I've found my calling. Plus it's a whole heck of a lot of fun.

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Lazy Writer said...

Writing definitely has a way of changing your life, doesn't it? For the most part, it's all good, and, like you said, the good stuff makes up for anything negative.

Sharla said...

Right there with you. I too started the online thing last August. I've been writing for years, but not in any dedicated fashion, and I never really mentioned it to people other than immediate family. Since I stepped a toe into blogging last August, I've since fallen in headfirst, then to writer forums, writers blogs, every possible agent search website and blog, and then Facebook. I have learned more about writing in the last year than I ever did in the past twenty.

And as a result, I finished the first novel, and am at work on the second, and I'm not afraid to query anymore. Sent too many out to be scared now!! :)

I can't say I'm able to treat it quite as a job yet, because I work full time and have a family, but I have developed a morning routine before work where I have been able to do approximately 500 wds a day, give or take.

My friends know I'm a writer now, it's no longer a hidden entity. So I can definitely say it's changed my life.

Great post, and I'm going to follow you.

ElanaJ said...

I do the same thing as you, namely, "What in the world did I do before writing?" It fills my time now.

Jenita said...

The problem with considering how writing has changed my life is that I'm not sure how much of the change is because I started writing, and how much of it is just because I'm growing up... I'd love to have your optimistic outlook on how writing has changed everything for the better, but, unfortunately, I'm too much of a pessimist for that... =]

~Jamie said...

Isn't it all just CRAZY?!?!? I completely agree with this whole post... I could just repost it and be happy!

Kathryn Magendie said...

Since the publication of my first novel, my life has changed in ways that both did and didn't surprise me....there are moments of great joy and just YAYYYY! moments, and there are moments of terror.

I will be so very honest here for a moment: there were times before I published Tender Graces where I was a bit "arrogant" I think - not a usual arrogant, but the arrogance of ignorance as to just what publishing a novel means: I would say things like "Huhn, if I were to publish my novel, I'd NEVER do ...." or "If I were to just have the chance to publish my novel, I'd do THIS and THAT and I'd never complain or whine or ...."'

well, guess what? sometimes I complain; sometimes I whine; sometimes I'm so scared! sometimes I'm paralyzed with fear while writing the sequel to the first --

all that said, I keep going...because it's the greatest dagum "job" in the world and I wouldn't trade it....most times *laughing*, seriously... *grin*

I'm visiting from your friends blog- hope you don't mind my babbling comment!

Rebecca @sometimesnonsense said...

Lazy Writer - so glad you think there's so many good things about writing too! It's a beautiful way to see things.

Sharla - Thanks for becoming a follower, glad to meet you! It's great that you've decided to share your dream. Even though you've got a packed schedule you're making time to write and I SO admire that. Blogging and writing sites are really amazing, aren't they? It's helped me tremendously too. And I'm glad you've overcome your query fear! Ugh so far that has been the scariest part for me. Burt it's so nice to know we are all in this together.

Elana - Right on, we're both totally consumed now aren't we? No turning back! Love it.

Jenita - good point on the changing vs growing up thing. I think you're right, if you're a younger writer a lot of change is part of learning and experience of life in general but I'm willing to bet writing has played a big role in that. I'm just so impressed with the fact that you're writing at this age. Amazing!

Jamie - glad you agree because someday we will totally be blogging and touring together so it's imperative we work together well as a team. LOL

Kathyrn - You didn't babble at all and it's great that you shared so much. Thanks for stopping in, visitors are always welcome and of course I hope you'll want to come back! Your comments are so inspiring. I can totally see where most of us have that arrogance you refered to since no one really gets it until it happens but it sounds like you've really seen that and embrace the challenges with the joy of it all. Congrats on getting published! I love hearing from people who have lived it and share so honestly. Thank you! You can babble here anytime.