Saturday, August 1, 2009

Me, Guest Blogger? Really?

[Hi, this is Jenn, Rebecca's sister.] Rebecca (Becky) headed out early this morning for the Big Apple! I know she'll have a super time and have lots of great stories to share when she gets back. (Quite frankly I am most excited to see what kind of treasures she finds at The Strand bookstore.) I agreed to be a 'guest blogger' and I had all kinds of ideas about what I wanted to say. But then, the more I thought about it, the more nervous I felt. Oh, crap! What if I sound stupid and embarrass her, and myself. I have a reputation to uphold here on this blog, she always gives me way too much credit when she talks about me. Well, I decided I'd just talk, see where that takes us.

When Becky first told me she was writing a novel, I thought it was 'a nice idea'. When she told me it was Young Adult Fantasy and that she thought/hoped it might be good enough to be published, I became kind of skeptical. I mean how many people actually write a book that makes it to the bookstore, and of those how many are actually successful? I agreed to read a little bit of it and to give her my opinion, so she sent me the first few chapters.

Late one night, after my kids and husband had gone to bed, I settled in on the couch with my laptop to read a little bit. I admit I was afraid that I wasn't going to like it, afraid of how I would tell her that. The next thing I knew I had finished all the pages and really wanted to keep going. I texted her immediately - cursing her for leaving me hanging and begging for some more! I was amazed by the story she told and the way she told it, but most of all ….. I was amazed by my sister.

Becky has gone through a lot of unexpected life changes over the past two and half years. Don't get me wrong, she has had her moments, but mostly she just keeps going. She allows herself to have faith that, somehow, it will all work out and she lets her heart guide her. She is a wonderful mom, sister, friend, and writer. As you can tell from reading her blog, she is inspirational, motivational and a heck of a lot of fun!

So I guess that’s it. That was easier than I expected, my blog is about Rebecca (fitting since this is her site). I am honored to be along on her journey. No longer skeptical, I believe with all my heart - she WILL be published, her books WILL be in the bookstores and she WILL be a successful author. One day I'll be back as a 'guest blogger' and we can all reminisce about how we followed her back before she was famous. :-)


~Jamie said...

Her book is fabulous, right?

I LOVE it!

And... she is the bomb... totally. :)

I would so have her back in a monkey knife fight :)

Sara Tribble said...

It's Jenn! Yay!
Becky always talks about you (in the best ways!) and it's true, you just totally confirmed it!

Your super in everyway!

I think it's great you were surprised to see something your sister did and at how well. Writing can be hard at times, but when you got support and cheers coming it's way easier. Her story Sage blew me away as well, I truly can say I love it and the chracters in it, I cannot wait for sequels and buy it on the shelves.

I agree, she WILL get there one day, it may not be tomorrow or a month from now (I wish it would be)BUT she will get there with her passion and stories. She's a great girl all around and I simply adore her, she's someone whose helped me so much through my own journey and I doubt she realizes it.

LOL, seriously this must run in the family!! Glad you shared Jenn. =D

Lazy Writer said...

What a nice, supportive sister you are. I wish I had one of you! Can I borrow you sometime?

My mom had the same reaction to my writing, but gosh, I'd sure like a sis too!

JennM said...

Thanks for the comments guys - I think my post was kinda sentimental gushing and I was afraid no one would really be interested in that.

I am hoping to be invited back again, perhaps to post a book review. I am working on one for Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater.

Lazy Writer, it's true that sisters are blessings, I feel lucky to have 2 great ones, but Moms kick butt too! Ours is pretty great.