Friday, May 22, 2009

Blog Chain: What are your strengths as a writer?

Thanks Kim at Somewhere Nowhere In My Kingdom for the great blog chain question this week..."What are your strengths as a writer?"
(I had to stop and think about this for quite awhile...why is it so hard to confess our strengths and so easy to share our weaknesses? Silly.)

1. Chemistry and make out scenes.
Pretty funny huh? Yeah - I actually enjoy and seem to pull off the scenes where my beloved Gabriel and Abbey almost hook up. I never gave it a second thought but after having a few critique partners ask for my advice on these sort of scenes I started realizing my knack for hot and heavy moments. But don't worry none of my books will ever have a bare chest on them!

2. The ability to step back and rewrite.
My first draft was 102,000 words, my second 92, fifth 80,000. As you can see I'm not afraid to go through my work with an ax. I can cut entire locations, chapters and characters if I think they aren't needed. *flexes muscles*

3. Critiquing.
I hope my fellow critique group members agree with this one! I'm not great with grammar and punctuation but I can tell if the story is flowing, the descriptions are right, that sort of thing. I hope I'm really helping as much as I'm learning.

4. Ideas
The fact that I have about five ideas for new books started let's me know I have no problem coming up with story ideas. I wrote my first book with no outline and had no problem pumping it out. Of course a lot of it got hacked off but still...

Best genre: Urban Fantasy (well at least I sure hope it is!)

Stop in and see what the other girls thought about what their strengths are.

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Sarah said...

Thank you so much for your comment. I'm sorry to hear that JVNLA didn't work out for you, but I have faith that soon the perfect agent will come knocking on your door!
As for your #1, make out scenes are such a huge guilty pleasure for me. I really hope to read one of yours some day:-)