Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Life before writing. Huh, what's that even mean?

As I was making my breakfast today, waiting for my yummy whole grain flat breads to toast, I started running through my plans for the day. Eat, play with Nate, get him down for his nap, shower, check blogs, write a post, check email, see if chapters are posted from critique group...

It hit me. What the hell did I do before I started writing? Just about all my spare "me" time is spent on things related to writing when I'm not actually writing. The people outside of my family that I communicate the most with are writers, the blogs I follow are 97% writing related, you get the point! The entire time I spent in the shower today was devoted to thinking about what was going to happen next in my series. (no worries I did manage to use soap and shampoo during all that thinking!)

Just like having kids changes your world, writing appears to do the same. I have no idea what I felt like or thought about before I started writing this past year. I've always read a lot and have had things to do and obsess over. Somehow I feel like I found my missing piece when I began writing Sage. I've explained this before, but before this past August/Sept. when I began writing I had not the slightest urge to write. Yet now that I've started I can't imagine my life without it.

It's funny because I've been an artist in some form since I was about ten years old when I started art lessons. I went to college for art - twice. My career from the time I finished college to when I quit two years ago to be a stay at home mom, was as a visual merchandiser, even when I was a manager I still got to to plenty of creative stuff. In the midst of the schooling and working I still painted. Sadly I don't paint much these days. It's like I replaced one creative life line with another, only the painting wasn't nearly as consuming as the writing has been so far.

For me writing has become more than a passion or hobby. It's a way of life. There is honestly nothing else I'd rather be doing with my time (time after being with my family of course). Before you give me too much credit for feeling this way, you should know that all this time is not spent on physical writing. More of it should be, but a lot of my time these days is spent emailing with critique buddies, checking other blogs, writing my own posts - all that sort of stuff that can end up being a distraction. So is it wrong that I love that part almost as much as I love writing?

I love the connections I've made, writing for me is nothing close to being solitary. Not just in meeting new people, but in all the time I spend with my sister when we went over my first rough drafts (she must have read this book ten times in its different phases!) made play lists, looked at pictures of my characters, and talked obsessively about my story. Sage brought me even closer to my already close sister. (the rest of the family cares she just happens to have that extra interest - which I love - thanks Jenn - you rock!)

Anyone else feel like writing has brought a whole new dimension to your life? How has it changed?

To all of you have been writing since you were a kid, I give you a big round of applause! Especially all you teens that read this blog that are already pumping out novels. You ladies amaze me! I admire the fact that you've had this gift with you all this time, and to think I've only been writing one year out of the thirty I've been alive! Better late then never.

*oh and yes, I've even come to enjoy the querying/submission process in spite of all the waiting. guess I really am a lifer now...


beth said...

HAHA! I am much the same way. I ran into an old friend this weekend, and as she was talking about the "good ol' days," all I kept thinking was: "How did I have time to do all that?" When she asked to get together sometime, we had to arrange a meeting around my writing group!

T. Anne said...

I'm glad your a lifer. I'm one too. Isn't that something, no discouragement too big...maybe I just like the challenge? lol!