Wednesday, May 20, 2009

30 things I dream of doing

And you thought I forgot about my lists of 30s!
Some of them have been on my list since I was a kid, I better get crackin! Bet you can figure out which ones.

1. Become a successful and published author. (figured I better just get that out of the way since its pretty much a given!)
2. Travel through Europe.
3. Fly in a hot air balloon.
4. Learn how to make empanadas.
5. Weigh as much as I did in high school.
6. Have two more children.
7. Start a charity that involves kids/teens and books.
8. See the Northern Lights.
9. Own a house with a view of water.
10. Make a difference in the world.
11. Swim with whales.
12. Finish the last Harry Potter book. (I swore I'd wait until my niece caught up - no easy task for such a HUGE fan!)
13. Spend a night drinking martinis and dancing like I used to pre-baby.
14. Pay off my debt.
15. Go back to art classes.
16. Learn to be more organized.
17. Get to see the Pageant of the Masters again in Laguna Beach.
18. Learn how to really meditate.
19. Give back to my family even half of what they've done for me.
20. Get a professional quality camera and learn how to use it.
21. Quit watching American Idol.
22. Remember to take my vitamins every morning.
23. See Blue October in concert. Again.
24. Have a drink(s) with Robert Pattinson. SO many questions.
25. Stay in one of those extravagant huts on stilts in the water off a tropical island.
26. Make amends with anyone I've had or who have had issues with me.
27. Camp on the beach.
28. Never have to go back to a 9-5 job again.
29. Understand why people like Paris Hilton are famous.
30. Learn to truly accept, forgive and be patient. And mean it!


bstogoski said...

This is great time, check it out :o) There are horses that walk around the sites.

Oh and vitamins...Flinestones. They have the same stuff as multi vitamins and they taste great!!

Lisa and Laura said...

ooh great list! so many of those would show up on my list too!

jessjordan said...

haha, I love # 21. I've been trying to stop watching this show since Chris Daughtry got the boot. Last year, I wrote an entire list of the things that I thought were wrong/conspiratorial about Idol and even thought about sending it to the powers that be (mm hmm ... like that would've made a difference). I almost (almost!) stuck to my commitment this year. I didn't watch the beginning. I didn't watch Hollywood week. But then ... I turned it on. And i saw Adam. And I was entertained. Gosh darn it. Maybe next season ...