Thursday, May 7, 2009

Children's (and Teens!) Book Week May 11-17

Since becoming a writer this past year I've discovered a whole world I never knew existed. All these incredible blogs, what a query is, how difficult it is to get published, amazing fellow writers, the list goes on and on. Everyday I learn something and I love it!

It's no surprise then that I've never heard of Children's Book Week until now. I got an email from Amazon since they know I love me some kids books. I blew it off at first but then it hit me - hey, I should check this out. Turns out Children's Book Week isn't just for kids, its for teens too. Well in my case, an adult that loves to read and write teen books. (Plus as a mom I read to my 19-month-old as much as I can. I don't know which one of us has more books!)

As an aspiring writer I should make it my duty to know about this sort of thing. Anything that supports books, reading and kids has my attention. I just hope all the schools out there are making the most of this. There are fun ideas for having kids dress as there favorite characters. Sheesh, they even suggest Twilight! I'd love to stop by a high school and see some Edward and Bellas strutting around.

Since most of you reading this are writers, check out it.
They have a bookmark you can print and a little sign you can hang on your door to let everyone know you're busy reading. How cute. I'll be sharing that with my niece and nephews. Or maybe even myself. Haha...I do like to color and I'm often locked up in a room reading.

So May 11-17 be sure to celebrate Children's Book Week!


KLo said...

This is Teacher Appreciation Week, too ... strange how these things exist, yet nobody seems to know about them.

Good post : )

T. Anne said...

Thanks for the link!