Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Let's be friends

I just gave in and joined Twitter a couple of weeks ago and have been on Facebook for many months. BUT I didn't do much with them in the way of networking as a writer so I decided (since my sister is getting close to finishing my web site) to finally create separate accounts on both sites focusing purely on me as a writer (to avoid sharing useless info like how I switched diaper brands or pics of my mom's birthday).

So please click on my fancy new widget and badge on the right sidebar so I can follow you too. I promise not to be boring or repetitive!

You can also post your Twitter, Facebook or blog info in the comments section so I can find you as well as the other readers. Ah, networking in one easy sweep. Tuesday sweetness.

Stay tuned for my post tomorrow on what my week holds. Let's just say I'm taking my 21 month old to sleep in a hotel for the first time in his life. Better yet, this is his first time sleeping anywhere outside of our house. Scary. Of course the trusty green laptop will be coming along too since you never know when I'll hear back on those submissions.


Jenna said...

Yay, networking! Facebook: Jennifer White Twitter: JenniferBWhite

Just, y'know, if ya feel like adding me. :)

Sarah said...

Twitter: sarahharian

Facebook: Sarah Harian