Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Half Blood Prince did not disappoint

Sorry this photo is blurry but my camera broke right when we had a stranger taking our pic so we had to use my friend's phone and the dude taking it didn't do so hot. But how cute are we in our tee shirts? Thanks to my awesome sister Jenn (who happens to also beta read and assist me in editing) who made us our shirts on short notice. It's a beautiful thing when you have a group of family and friends that range from ages nine to fifty nine all spending the day together to see a movie we each love equally. That's very rare in this day and age!

I'm proud to say we saw the first showing at 10:40 am today of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Amazing! We would have gone to the midnight showing like all the other hardcore fans but this was my nieces first time seeing one of the movies in the theatre and she's nine. (not loving the idea of a kid that young seeing a movie that's almost two and half hours long in the middle of the night)

Loved, loved, loved the movie. Of course I noticed the parts that were changed from the book but I still give it a ten! I cried, laughed and jumped at a few parts. My only disappointment was that all the die hard fans seem to have went to the midnight showings because our audience, though sold out, was pretty tame. No clapping when Harry Potter appeared on the screen or when the movie ended. Huh? My poor niece was totally looking forward to that part. *sigh* At least she'll be ready for a midnight show by the last movie.

Aside from loving the movie as a movie I was blown away by J.K. Rowlings brilliance as a writer. This was the first movie on the HP series that I'd seen for the first time since I started writing myself and it left me wanting to rush home and get writing. I'm in awe of her ability to make us care deeply about the characters, relate to the characters. How seamlessly she ties in details through out the series and manages to keep nearly every chapter packed with entertaining action and suspense. It's amazing when you step back and think about how many characters there are and how individual they feel and how much I care for each and every one of them. Even the ones I hate I respect thanks the way she written them.

While there are a lot of things I don't wish to duplicate in her writing (the extremely long runons or words so big even I don't understand some of them), I strive to write in such a spellbinding manner. I loved every book, every movie and I'm super excited to see the special on tomorrow night. Ah, good time for a little reminder - be sure to watch ABC at 8pm to see the cameras following J.K. in the year leading up to the final book in the HP series. I have to work (nice how I work like one day a week and it happens to be this day) and won't be home till it's wrapping up so of course I have it set to record. No doubt I'll have a post on that too.

Life really is beautiful...had a babysitter for the day, watched one of the best Harry Potter films yet, went out to lunch, stopped by Barnes and Noble, drank a glass of superb red wine while watching the sunset and pondering the brilliance of J.K. Rowling and brainstorming my next story, then finally stopped to enjoy the bliss of waiting on the two full manuscripts floating out there in agent land. Still no word but still no rejections either. Sweetness.


~Jamie said...

Those shirts are totally full of win!

Icy Roses said...

Those shirts are BA, your niece is adorable (through the blurriness), and HP is a masterpiece. :-)

Agreement all around!

Sara Tribble said...

Loving all of it! I plan to post some pictures of my new shirt since I left mine back home LOL!

Glad you all had such a good time! If only my husband would get into it more I'd be on cloud nine, plus my BFF in Michigan is just as obsessed as I and we always go see the HP movies together since the first. This is the first one we've missed :(