Saturday, July 25, 2009

Everyone should have sisters

I mentioned briefly in my last post before vacation that my sister Jenn did something super special for me. That's in addition to babysitting my son anytime I need her to, staying up all sorts of late to help me edit or working on my site (which will be done soon, we swear), reading SAGE over and over and over again (since she's not a writer you know how crazy this one is), listening to me blab about agents and writing stuff and being my biggest fan and supporter. Plus she's just an amazing, super caring, fun person all around. So adding to all that she did something SUPER awesome.

She bought me a silver sage leaf charm. This is beyond special because...

1. Abbey Willard, the main character in my book SAGE wears a silver sage leaf charm.

2. She bought it for me because she remembered me saying that I intended to buy it for myself when I got my first full request. Jenn totally beat me to it.

3. She gave it to me with my grandfather's dog tag and chain. He passed away over 12 years ago and since his first name is Willard you can see that's how I came up with Abbey's last name. Abbey also happens to wear her sage leaf on a chain just like it. Could it be more perfect and sentimental?

Squeeeeee, I love it! See what I mean? Jenn is an incredible sister. I planned on posting a pic but my camera is acting up and my phone won't do it justice, but let's just say it's beautiful and probably the most touching gift I've ever received. It speaks volumes for the belief she has in me and my writing. This is why I say everyone should have a sister! Even better is the fact that she isn't afraid to tell me the truth and has become a YA junkie too, so she actually does know what she's talking about. Isn't nice to know that when someone says they really like something they
mean it?

I have to include the fact that I have two amazing sisters, I just call out Jenn this time because of how writing relating this all is. I managed to drag out these two pics to show off my lovely sisters. How sad is it I couldn't find one of us together that was at all current? Better get on that this weekend. The first one is Jenn and I when she brought over a little bottle of champagne to celebrate the night I sent out my first full submission. (Again, she is ever so fabulous) The other picture is my sister Nikki and I before Parade Day here locally where everyone goes to a big ol parade and drinks like crazy in honor of St Patrick's Day. But I guess the green ensembles and shamrocks stuck to our cheeks may have given that away.

Jenn and I (left photo) Nikki and I (right photo) Yes, Jenn and I are not purposely wearing the same green t-shirt and NO I don't wear green everyday.

So thank you Jenn, who also happens to subscribe to my blog and who always reads and comments on almost every post. You rock and without your support and enthusiasm I'd never have made it this far! And the journey has only just begun. You are SO coming with me on those book tours and I swear I'll get you on the set when they make the movie of my book and of course you can come to the premiere.

You can go ahead and laugh at that last part there since it's a huge stretch. With all seriousness my sister really thinks I can get there someday. Yep, we're pretty big dreamers around here. Love it.

Even if you don't have a superstar sister to cheer you along, I hope you all have someone out there to push you forward on the bad days and share your joy on the good ones.


Lisa and Laura said...

Aww! Sisters are the best! Can't imagine life without them.

Jamie said...

I HAVE to see the charm..... HAVE to.

Icy Roses said...

I second Jamie! When your camera works again, be sure to show us the charm!

Jealous to the max. I don't have a sister. :-(

Jenita said...

Aww, that's sweet. =]
I love my sisters, too, although at this stage in our lives they tend to get on my nerves a lot...

Crystal Corona said...

Becky! I LOVE YOU!> You are one of the first people I have ever met who truly shares my belief that anything is possible. I know you are going to go far in life and I am proud to call you a friend. LOVE YOU SOO MUCH! Cant wait till you are all famous so I can tell people that you believed in me. Even now that is the most special thing about you to me.

Crystal Corona said...

Also love that your sister got you that necklace. Can we see it?!?!

Leah said...

I think it's fabulous that you have such tremendous love and support from your sister. I also would never dream of laughing at you or your sister for dreaming big. If you can't dream big, why dream at all. I've only just discovered your blog and so far I've enjoyed reading the few posts I've been able to. Keep it up! Your dream might just be right around the corner.

Rebecca @sometimesnonsense said...

Lisa and Laura - I knew you would comment on a post about sisters!

Jamie and Icy Roses and Cyrstal - You will totally get to see a pic when I get a new camera. Love it!

Icy Roses - Don't worry if you don't have sisters. As long as you have good girl friends they are pretty much the same!

Jenita - You'll appreciate them someday. When we were younger all we did was fight but now we are the best of friends.

Crystal - You are sooo sweet! Like I always said, you did the work, I just hired you. You are an amazing person and I'm super happy we stay in touch across the globe, especially for the big changes like babies and books! Love you too!

Leah - Yay, so glad you like the blog so far and welcome! And thanks for not laughing at my big dreams. ; ) Thanks for the support and the much needed smile thinking about those dreams being just around the corner. I hope so!