Friday, November 6, 2009

Writing Community

Lin asked us to share our thoughts on the writing community this week for the blog chain. Do we mainly write alone? Do we work with a critique partner or group? Attend workshops? That sort of thing.

This a super easy thing for my to discuss because I simply adore the writing community I've come to know over the last year since beginning my own writing. I would be lost without my critique partners and beta readers like Jenn, Sara, Jamie, Crystal, Nova and the other fabulous volunteers who have read my work. There's no question about it. My writing would be a total mess, my sanity would be gone, and I would likely have given up on Sage. And speaking of critique partners who rock. My rock star writing buddy, Jamie Harrington scored an agent last month!!!! But stay tuned because I plan on posting about her and her kick ass story next week.

Then there are the super awesome writers, bloggers, agents, editors and fellow fans who I've connected with or follow. I'm not the most consistent commenter but I try and read all the blogs in my follow list and always find some helpful writing tip or at least something to make me smile. I love the connection of knowing other writers out there are going through the same things whether they are published or struggling to complete their first novel. I believe strongly that writing is not a solitary art and that if you surround yourself with positive and supportive people your work can only improve.

I have yet to attend any workshops, classes or conferences but I hope to do so at some point down the road. But for now I'm grateful for the people I've found, especially those of you who take the time to read my random posts about my journey and offer comments. Whether they are words of encouragement, sharing your opinion on a question I asked or stopping in to say hello, I truly appreciate each and every one of you. You rock!

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Anonymous said...

No Becky--your ROCK! Such a sweet post, as usual! haha I like the book frenzy you're going to be into as well!

Much love always!

WindyA said...

I agree with you, Rebecca. The writing community out there is fantastic! I've met some amazing people who are supportive and have become good friends.

I went to my first conference back in September and was able to meet even more people and it is so nice to be able to associate REAL people with blogs and comments! I totally suggest it to anyone who hasn't yet!

~Jamie said...

Every friggin time I read somewhere else about getting an agent I can't even THINK of what to say! Like, holy crapoly! I HAVE AN AGENT.

It's nuts. and... you're next.