Monday, November 30, 2009

Still typing...

I thought I better pop in to say hello and to let everyone know I'm still alive. I've had all these great idea for posts but have been way too involved in revisions and life in general lately to get the ideas down.

So...hello! *waves hand* I'm alive!

Life is good. The revisions are moving along and I have a shiny new query (thanks to some awesome helpers) ready to go when they are finally finished (which is looking like the end of the month). Eh, so maybe things are better than good. Let's go with great, shall we?

Once I get the rewrites wrapped up and I'm in editing mode I plan on posting more regularly and finally sharing the scoop on our meet-up in Philly with the fabulous Becca Fitzpatrick and her editor from Simon & Schuster, Emily Meehan, complete with photos and all. As well as a few thoughts on what it's like to be back working on a book that I thought was ready to collect dust. Boy, am I glad I listened to my instincts on this because I have changed about 89% and if I do say so rocks.

Speaking of revisions. Back to work. I can't waste this golden quiet time with the little guy asleep and the house to myself.


Susan R. Mills said...

I know exactly how you feel. I've been rewriting too, and I'm so glad I didn't give up on this story. It gets better every day. Good luck with your rewrites.

Lisa and Laura said...

Nice work on the rewrite!! Good luck finishing up! Can't wait to see the pics of Becca and Emily!

Natalie said...

How exciting that you're getting so close to finishing. I hope you have a great visit with Becca and Emily.