Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'll crawl out of this hermit hole soon...

So, I have pretty much sucked at posting on my blog the last few weeks. There has been a lot going on in general, but I'm also hardcore revising my book and query. Which is nothing new since I've been at this for months now and the end is in near!

*Note--there is now a sobbing 2-year-old laying on the floor beside me because he is upset that I won't allow him to consume a very large quantity of soy milk this morning. This also tends to get in the way of things like blogging. It's a good thing he's so darn cute and says things like this...While tucking him the other night I said "Good night, pumpkin," to which he replied with the most serious little face "No, Mommy I'm not a pumpkin. I just Nathan."

Heart officially melted.

But, I have and will have some very exciting things to share here like, my super awesome writing buddy/critique partner who scored an agent, the chat we did with the HUSH, HUSH cover model, heading to Philly to meet Becca Fitzpatrick this weekend, New Moon much good stuff going on that it makes my head spin. In the best of ways, of course. Yep, all of these things will have my fangirl self out in full force. Watch out!

*sigh* I love November...

Now, off to prepare for a day of installing the Christmas display windows at work. Seriously, when did it get to be the time of year for this to happen? I really ought to get out of this hermit hole more often.


Emily Thomas Meehan said...

Hi, Rebecca,
I am Becca's editor and just read you'll be in Philly to meet Becca. Will you be at NCTE? I would love to meet you. Also, I have a 23 month old who is OBSESSED with soy milk and I too must battle the over-consumption. We have much to discuss!!
Emily Meehan

~Jamie said...

Hey that super awesome girl is ME! hehe!

I miss you! I promise to leave MY hermit hole soon. :)