Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Where my MC lives (with pictures!)

I'll start by showing you my "helpers" for the day. My sister who's holding my son and her two kids. We made a fun little daytrip out of visiting a very influential real life location in my book. Oh, and sorry Jenn about your windshield!

When I went to Jim Thorpe, PA (a small town about an hour from where I live in PA) last fall I was so inspired that I made it the hometown of Abbey, my main character in Sage. I don't want to give anything away by telling you too much about where or what these places are since that would spoil some of the fun stuff that happens so if there's no label, just know it's something in Jim Thorpe that has to do with my story. If you've beta read, then you might recognize them!

Cool cemetary we found up behind downtown
(this will totally be in the sequel - look at that gate!)

Scary steps that lead down to the river

A restaurant where Abbey worked during high school
(My sister and I SO want to eat here) and the pot of basil
sitting outside even inspired a detail in the book

Abbey's Grandmother's house

A very charming looking Inn (or perhaps a B&B where someone stays in the book)

The library Abbey pretends to visit after dinner

Abbey's parents house



Lisa and Laura said...

How fun! I love the idea of capturing the setting of your book with pictures. We did that with The Haunting of Pemberly Brown, but not until after it was written. We'll definitely keep this in mind for our WIP.

Sarah said...

I'm so jealous that you got to go to your MC location! UGH!

Lady Glamis said...

Oh, this is awesome! I love research like this!!!

Sara Tribble said...

OMG! I love it!

I can totally see this from reading it! That's so awesome! You did a good job by memory girl! =D

Not to mention my favorite one is the grandma's house! It's just like something I pictured myself! Badass girl!

*Cute kids by the way =D*

Leah Michelle said...

That's so fun! I really, really want to do that.
Me and Sarah (who posted above) are trying to visit our locations. Not having much luck since they are across the country.

flamesandshadows said...

LOVELY pictures! I wish I can visit the setting of my novel - but unfortunately it's on the other side of Earth. It's so cool to be able to actually visit the place where you're setting your story...