Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Missing blogger

Sheesh, I've started about three new blog post drafts and keep getting pulled away to do family stuff or you know, that little thing called writing... Which I'm about to go do now since this morning is a writing morning with Nate being at nursery school for a few hours. I do have some exciting stuff coming up here. A Q&A and giveaway with Dia Reeves, the author of BLEEDING VIOLET. Such am amazing book so I'm super excited to have her here and share this incredible book on May 3rd. Stay tuned for details.

I'm going to post my my new query for feedback with some thoughts on how incredibly different this one was from the one I worked on for SAGE which took a year and still wasn't knocking my socks off. The one for FORTUNE'S TELLER took one night and I'm truly madly deeply in love with it thanks to the assistance from some rockstar writing buddies. I've also had a bit of a breakthrough after flipping back and forth between real-life YA and fantasy YA the last few weeks that I think will really help me get my WIP in a better place. Hopefully! So I've started rotating my reading list by going with fantasy then real-life then fantasy then real life and so on. I really like the perspective it gives me aside from the obvious write your ass off and tell a good story thing.

And lastly, there's no way I'm going to meet my goal of finishing my WIP by the end of this month but the good news is that I've been revising as I go and I feel really great about the changes and the pace in regards to not having to go back and do extensive revisions when I'm finished. And THAT makes me a very happy girl.

Anyone else have some good things to share? Come on, I want to hear the positive things happening out there!


Bethany Elizabeth said...

Hello! What great news, aren't sudden solutions to what's been bothering you the best?
SO.... as far as writing goes, I've FINALLY stopped procrastinating figuring out the military in my Fantasy novel, and now have a realistic, intelligent force of soldiers, instead of a foggy, unknown amount of people who just do what the king says. :D

ali said...

Great news Rebecca! I'm excited to read your Q&A with Dia ~ I read her book and while it kinda freaked me out, I was also thoroughly amazed at what she accomplished. I have a real love/hate relationship with this book, but the more it sits with me the more I'm leaning toward love. I think Dia has done something so unbelievably different that I've gotta give her some serious props.

Good luck with your WiP too! Sounds like you're on an awesome path!

Lisa and Laura said...

Hoorah for revising!!!

And we've got no news. Which actually might be worse than bad news. Or wait, only it's only worse than bad news until you actually get the bad news.

Nishant said...

Great news Rebecca!
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