Friday, December 18, 2009

Oh my, how you've grown!

Last night right before I went to bed (I never actually lay awake in bed anymore since I got to bed so freaking late I just fall asleep pretty much the second my head hits the pillow) I was thinking about my plan to begin querying the first week of January.

It hit me.

I sent out my very first batch of queries.


Last January.

For the same book.


It's safe to assume that those queries sucked BIG time. And for the most part so did SAGE at that point. The good news is that my current query kicks some serious ass, and SAGE is pretty much unrecognizable in it's revised form. The main characters are unchanged (aside from my MC's age and a few details with her life) and the main plot is close to what I envisioned in the beginning. But everything else is brand spanking new.

SAGE and I have both grown since last January and I think it's safe to say we're ready to see what the new year has in store for us. I'm so diggin' the whole full circle thing.

Now, does anyone else notice that I'm at 99 followers? Can you help me ditch that number for something larger. Say, a three digit one with two zeros and a one?


GMR said...

Aha! So you have a blog site! Great! (Oh, and check your follower number now...hehe) =0)

Rebecca L Sutton said...

Woohoo, 100! I am so thrilled it was you. ; ) Thanks for rolling me into the triple digits!

ElanaJ said...

Good luck with your queries in January. I think 2010 is going to be your year. ;)

Lisa and Laura said...

Whoo hoo! Query and conquer!!!