Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A little update

I know you've all been waiting breathlessly to hear how my revisions went. Right? Bah! Didn't think so. But I'm going to share anyway.

The revisions on Sage are done. Ahhh, feels so good to say that. I actually finished them a couple weeks ago, but I'm still hard at work on the editing. My favorite part. Ok, not really. More like my least favorite part. This is made especially difficult considering how many times I have read Sage. Still, I love this story and characters with ever fiber of my being. Much like being a mother, I adore my child but some days I would like nothing more than a break. But until I get these edits done that's out of the question. So my blog posts will remain short and few until January when the queries go out and my son starts nursery school, leaving me with 4 hours of free time each week. I'm so ready to hit the library so I can write without interruption or the temptation of the Internet.

Speaking of January. I had yet another new idea. This one is good---really good. But it's going to have to get in line. Not to the back of the line, more like third at the moment, but at least I took the time to start writing the opening scene while it was so vivid in my mind. If there is already a YA urban fantasy about a snarky teenage girl who pretends to read fortunes, please tell me now! Because I'm super excited about this one and have the whole plot planned. *crosses fingers it hasn't been done already*

On a personal note, I only have three more gifts to buy for Christmas and I'm done shopping. Then it's on to wrapping and helping my mom get ready for the annual Christmas party this weekend. Oh, and I got my military ID today (no, I didn't join, my husband did and he leaves next month for training) and it's hideous! I look like a man. The fact that the lady doing it said, "oh this is a nice one." Makes me a)think she is just a very nice person b)has poor eye sight or
c)all IDs she produces look horrible. Seriously, it's that bad. My own mother said I looked like a man when she saw it!

So the next two weeks are all about getting ready for the holidays and making my ms shine. If only Santa could have a big ol' edited copy of Sage beneath the tree for me.


Natalie said...

Yay! Good for you! It feels so great to get those revisions done. Good luck with querying.

Anonymous said...

LOL! The fact your mom said that cracks me up! Don't worry though, my military ID is horrid ugly too! My face looks SOOOO huge! Adam Sandler's Egg Head has nothing on this photo!

And don't worry! Your edits will be amazing and make Sage shine like never before because, this in in fact, an entire new spin! =D

Oh, and I nominated you for a blog award. Check it!