Monday, October 5, 2009

First novels die hard

I'm not sure if my brain is playing tricks me in order to further distract me from my current WIP, but it appears that it has some killer ideas on revising my first novel, Sage. Uh, when did this happen? Better yet, why? Why am I thinking about a story I shelved in order to move on to something that has a better chance of succeeding?

For a split second I actually considered halting my new story to go back to the old one. WTF? I quickly got my head together and realized this is not a good idea. Not yet. The revisions I have planned (which I made sure to write down for later) are massive. We're talking changing my MC's age, where she lives, a huge portion of the setting. Major changes. And even though I think, no scratch that, I know, these changes will fix what has ailed the story, I need to sit on it.

I'm half way done with Let the City Burn and it's going fantastic. Why mess with that? Why set myself back in my demanding timeline? These are the sort of questions I'm asking myself and the answers are pretty clear. They all end up leading to the same decision. Finish Let the City Burn. Sage can wait. But, can it? Because those characters have been paying me frequent visits lately, making me miss them, making me want to spend some time with them.

Like the ex boyfriend you know you should forget but are still hung up on even though you have a really great new boyfriend. I tell myself things like, "oh give the new book more time, you just need to get to know those characters better" or "you spent the last year of your life with them so of course you miss them." Then I hear one of our songs (from my writing playlist) and I think about them and end up eating a container of triple fudge brownie ice cream and watching sappy movies to make me cry. OK, not really but you get the idea.

Anyone else been wooed by an old story with ideas of improvement? Did you resist or give in and cheat on your new WIP? I'm determined to at least finish the first draft of LTCB before I get all crazy and run off with Sage again. So if you see us off in a dark corner together slap me before I get myself in trouble!


Mim said...

Currently I'm cheating, but I can't decide which project I'm cheating on. I need to finish up my final revisions and start submitting my first novel, but that second novel is just burning to be written. I've had the idea for so long that it is frustrating not to give it my full intention.

JennM said...

OMG this really made me laugh, not at your situation, but the way you compare it to the ex. lol

Seriously, I miss Sage too. And I don't think it should be put away for good, beacuse I LOVE it way too much. BUT you do owe a good solid effort to your new book, it is great too! Oh in a strange sign from the Gods...guess what song just came on?? Let the City Burn, sister!

Tere Kirkland said...

There's nothing wrong with this. It may be that you've improved as a writer since you last worked on Sage, and your brain just can't help but try to improve it. Especially since switching to a new project always helps me promote creativity.

I say finish the first draft of your WiP, keep a notebook for Sage, and let LtCB rest for a while once you've finished the first draft. Then you can go back to Sage for improvements. And LtCB will benefit from resting a bit, like a good roast. ;)

Have fun, and remember, there's plenty of time for all of your characters to have their chance.

~Jamie said...

just write it all down babycakes. :)

but finish the WIP!!

FictionGroupie said...

lol, I've so been there. I'm resisting for now, but definitely write down your thoughts.

Crystal Corona said...

haha.. I have a hard time letting go of things. I would not be good at revisions. Especially after I put so much time in it! LOVE YOU BECKY!

L.H. Parker said...

Aw! I can relate. I have two that keep popping back in my head. One of them I have to let die. It was complete shit. The other...well, if I completely rewrite it I might be able to save something. No. Must resist. The only thing to do it try not to think about it and hope some new story distracts me.

Natalie said...

Oh no, my first manuscript is dead forever-- there will be no revisiting.

Rebecca L Sutton said...

Thanks for making me feel a little less insane today girls. So far so good, I've been able to resist and pumped out 2k last night in the new story.