Monday, August 1, 2011

Pottermore Day 2...I'm in!

I imagine I looked all kinds of crazy this (very early) morning as I sat on my bed clutching my laptop and my (not so gently used) paperback of HARRY POTTER and THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS.

This is why...

It was 5am. My hair was wild, my eyes were glazed over with exhaustion, and I probably had a nervous twitch or two going on. I had slept through my 4am cell phone alarm and woke up at 4:58. Did I miss it? Would they even post the clue at the same time as Day 1? Am I crazy? No. Yes. And YES. Considering my 3-year-old wakes up around 7 everyday, I am definitely crazy for getting up like this just to sign up for a website.

Was it worth it?

Definitely. This is Pottermore we're talking about.

I made it in!
*I'm SeerAuror184*
(the site gives you a small list of names to choose from)

I even managed to secure my 11-year-old niece (and Harry Potter buddy. I read all 7 books aloud to her over the course of 2 years) a spot. I was like a kid on Christmas morning waiting for her to wake up and call so I could give her the good news. I'm still in shock that I was coherent enough to take the clue, find it in the book, do the math, and make it in time. Wow. And all these years I thought I wasn't a morning person.

Then again, I did have some 
serious motivation this time around.


Ezmirelda said...

Wow, you're so lucky!
Lol, I just watched the movie in 3-D yesterday and now I'm dying to read the series over for the -nthienth time in a row.
Keep us updated on your pottermire adventures. Congrats! ;)

Martha Ramirez said...

That is way cool! Congrats!