Sunday, July 24, 2011

CATCHING JORDAN in the flesh!

I'm a little late posting this BUT...

It came! It came!


And now for a picture that shows how
beautiful the cover really is

As a writer who is working toward publication I dream of seeing my own name on a book cover.But you know what? Seeing one of your writing buddies name on one is pretty awesome, too. I'm lying. It's REALLY awesome. Go Miranda!

And even though I had already parts of the story and knew a lot of what happened, I devoured CATCHING JORDAN. I read it one day and loved every second of it. (Check out my gushing Goodreads review here ) I'm not just saying this because I think Miranda is a great human being, kick ass critique buddy, and super talented writer. I hate sports. I mean really hate sports. Especially football. And she made me love a story about a girl who plays football who has football player friends and a football loving family. And I loved each and every one of them. Like I said, GO MIRANDA!

But CATCHING JORDAN is about so much more than football. It's about finding your way, chasing your dreams, surviving high school, opening your heart, stading for what you believe in, navigating the craziness that is family and friendships and love. With a few (extremely) hot boys thrown in.

CATCHING JORDAN doesn't release until December so I'm saving the rest of my lovefest for later, but be sure to add this title your To Be Read lists and tell your friends. We're even featuring it on Fallenarchangel in December to celebrate the release. And one last time in my best cheerleader voice, GO MIRANDA!

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