Monday, October 25, 2010

The secret to my success on my latest round of revisions

I'm dead serious. lol


Anne Elodea said...

I believe you! None of my friends can do anything but laugh when I tell them I love The Vampire Diaries. They just don't understand what a fantastic, counting-down-the-seconds-until-Thursday story it's become. The characters! The dialog! The pacing! The music! The twists! Oh là là.

I'm the kind of person to read books in one sitting, so finding a TV show I like as much as a book and having to wait a week between chapters is excruciating.

Krista Ashe said...

I've totally got to put this in my Netflix cue and catch up. Since I'm done with revisions, maybe I'll have more time to watch them. I started out watching the show, and I liked it. It was just not having the time, lol.

And I love, love, the soundtrack. It's really good!