Thursday, September 3, 2009

Where the hell are you?

I know I'm flattering myself by thinking anyone might ask this question but I figure I better fill you all in on where I've been since I haven't been reading, commenting or posting much this past week. The thing is I'm trying to read two books and write my new WIP in addition to working with my sister to get our exciting new project ready to launch this Saturday. (more on that coming soon!)

I think I'm going to just go with what happens each day but I'm pretty sure I won't be around as much again until I get well into my new novel because I've set some pretty lofty goals. Normally I don't share things like this in the early stages but since I'm hell bent on meeting my goals I want to put it out there. It's sort of like someone who plans on losing some major weight, they definitely shouldn't tell people unless they can really stick to it because everyone will see them fail if they don't. And really, who likes to make a fool of themselves on purpose? So, when I tell you I plan on finishing my new book by the end of October I do so in the hopes you'll all stay on me about actually doing it. I want to feel the pressure of making a fool of myself if I don't succeed. It's killer motivation for one thing and I know I have the best support system in the world in all of you who read and comment here. I'm also excited because my hook is already light years stronger than any I had with my first book. I'm hoping to share that and an excerpt soon.

The new book is another YA Urban Fantasy possibly entitled Let the City Burn, only this time I've got a male main character written in first person. So as you can imagine this is stepping out of my comfort zone, no it's more like I'm diving into a fast car and leaving my comfort zone in the dust, considering I'm a thirty year old female. What do I know about being a guy's head? As scary as it is I am loving the challenge and I adore this guy so I really do believe I can pull it off. It's just going to take some extra courage some days and a couple male beta readers.

I'm also psyched about writing something new armed with all that I learned with Sage. Thanks to all of your blogs, my kick ass writing buddies, my sister, and all the research and experience I've obtained from writing hundreds of thousands of words with all the drafts I produced with Sage. Right now I'm reading Paper Towns by John Green at the advice of my rock star friend Jamie, and The Demon's Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan because it sounds like an awesome YA fantasy (my favorite!) but primarily because they are both about male teenagers. I need to get a good feel for how other writers have managed to tell a strong story with a great male MC. So far I'm loving both books and can't wait to finish so I can just focus on my story. Did I mention I have to finish in two months? And I expect all of you to hold me to it!

So now you know why I've been slacking on my blog time. Pretty good reason, right? So the less you hear from me the better I'll be doing with my progress. Now off to read so I can spend my night writing. Anyone else out there tackling a big goal or reading any great books with a male MC? Please share! Or maybe you want to join me in taking on a new story?


Bianca said...

It's great you're this focused and determined, I'm sure you'll have that novel finished by the end of October!
Good luck with that!

MeganRebekah said...

Goals are so important! I want to get my rough draft completely done by the end of September. I'll have a lot of editing after that, but at least the major part will be over (I hope!).

Good luck with getting yours done! I'm rooting for you!

~Jamie said...

girl you are gonna rock this.

Sarah said...

Yay for being hellbent on setting some writing goals! I'm super excited for you!

ElanaJ said...

Go Becky Go!

Natalie Bahm said...

I loved your hat analogy. I think it's so important to stretch ourselves. And I learn so much from my children too.