Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So, what's new?

Since I'm all about new goals and ways of doing things this fall, I'm excited that Kim asked the blog chain this week to talk about what was new in our writing lives.

  • I set a firm deadline of when I want to complete my current WIP. It's a much shorter span of time than my first experience, but since I work extremely well under a time restraint and I want to beat all you NaNoWriMo people to the punch in getting my query out in November instead of the hectic December (which isn't so hot due to the holidays anyway) I went with a very ambitious goal to be done, as in ready to query done, by the end of October. Ok, so maybe I gave myself a couple extra weeks, but don't tell my WIP that because it thinks it only has another month!
  • In an effort to complete my WIP in the time frame mentioned above I'm using a new approach to writing. Instead of just letting the words pour out like I've done in the past, which left me with some hefty revisions -ugh, I have been taking my time with each and every sentence. So far this has been a good thing, it honestly does mean less rewriting since I'm aware of things like not starting too many sentences with "I" or adding in just the right amount of detail. I won't truly know if this is the way I'll continue to write until I finish, but right now it's looking pretty promising in spite of the slow daily word count rate.
  • There's an idea that refuses to be ignored and wait its turn in line, it's insisting on moving to the front of the line right behind my current story. The thing is, it's not a YA fantasy, it's a YA romantic comedy! *gasp* I struggled a little with the idea of writing something so completely opposite my other work, but this idea is just too good. SO my next WIP after I complete Let the City Burn, a story full of magic and danger, will involve romance, cowboys and hot pink boots (not on the cowboys). See why it scared me? Oh but I promise it's super fun and refuses to sit quietly and wait its turn, so...

There you have it, three of my "new" things happening with my writing this fall. What about you? Are you starting anything new? Any ideas harassing you too?

See what the other bloggers in the chain have going on...Somewhere Nowhere In My Kingdom, From Elysium, Flames and Shadows, Girl With a Notebook Oh, I also need to apologize for missing my turn last week in the blog chain, sorry! I'll post this week.


JennM said...

OK well that idea will NOT sit quietly here in my mind - I will really need some more info on the pink boots please!!

L.H. Parker said...

Editing a WIP. No immediate ideas are harrassing me. Yet.

TereLiz said...

Pink boots, lol.

I had a deadline firmly in place for my WiP when I began working on it, but so far, I am way behind. Hopefully, I'll catch up soon.

Good luck with your writing.

Natalie Murphy said...

Good luck meeting all of your deadlines!!!