Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Inspiration Board

Since I'm such a visual person I love to make inspiration boards for my stories.
This is one I made for my recently completed MG fantasy,
A few images are my own. The rest I found on Pinterest where I also
have a board for this project and you can find the source
information on the photos and artwork.


Karen lee Hallam said...

Beautiful, Rebecca. I can see the usefulness of Pinterest. I have NEVER even opened Pinterest--once. I'm afraid of being sucked in. I grew up, as one of those teens who was always cutting photos and collaging them around my room, and making illustration books. Something my mom and i did a lot of. But I suppose I will open up that pandora of illuminous day dreaming, one day. I may need too.--let's hope. :)

Martha Ramirez said...

Oh wow I just seen this! I wish I would had seen it before I sent your gift! I have visual boards of all kinds too. So helpful.